RPO V2's public test: task, prize, token and airdrop

Real Player Offering V2's public test: task, prize, token and airdrop

Due to the high efficiency of our Dev team, Real Player Offering (RPO) has come to the second version and the public test. The public test will be open to our global community from now on.

In general, we describe our new-version RPO as the entrance of Metaverse for the community, connecting real players to potential gamefi and help them in many aspects.

1/ Task platform: Rabbithole of Gamefi

The main function of RPO V2 is designed to be very first task/quest platform of Gamefi; we define it as the "Rabbit of Gamefi". But we adopt a much more direct and effective way: simple entry task+attractive prize.

At the the mission center, you would see various tasks from RPD and our gamefi partners. We divide tasks into two kinds: social media task and in-game task. Currently, we are more fucusing on the the task on social media.

Check the link of mission center: https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index


Prizes are also various, including token, NFT, whitelist as well as stable coin.

The combination of task and prize is to help games filter out real contributors at social media. We encourage users of RPO platform could retweet, join Discord channel or Telegram group, write an article, make a video or just tweet the evidence of the participation of token/NFT sale. The requirement of task could be set flexibly to meet our partners' current needs.

For our users, the prize on RPO is good enough for them to try their luck, especially for users from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Turkey and Africa.

By distributing in-game token and NFT to users, it would be more than likely to encourage them to play the game. And we can distribute the prize in a long term to keep an constant inflow for our gamefi partner.

Moreover, for our users and newcomers of gamefi, they do not need to choose. All they need to do is to trust our recommendations, get some free prize and start to play the game.

RPO, as the first task platform of gamefi, could be the first stop and gas station for players to start their P2E adventure.

2/ Membership level and test token

During the public test, we will issue test token on BSC testnet. The test token has no trading value; however, we have designed important utility for the test token.

On our RPO platform, users need to connect wallet and be our members. We have set a membership level to encourage members to be more active.

We will set a level requiremenrt for different tasks. Most tasks are open to everyone with level 0. Meanwhile, some tasks with better reward or rare prize would be open to members with high levels.

Here comes a question: how to upgrade the membership level?

During the public test, the most important way to to stake more test token. More token staked, higher levels to be reached. And to finish tasks on RPO platform is the most convenient way to get the test token.

The second way to upgrade is to stake the RPD Pass NFT. To stake to the RPD NFT could speed up the upgrade. However, it would only happen after the mainnet is launched on Ethereum since our NFT is deployed on Ethereum.

3/ Airdrop and test token

We will conduct an airdrop when the mainnet is launched. I can not release too many details right now. But I can clarify right now that the membership level would be a key factor of airdrop.

Related Links:

Website: https://realplayer.io

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/realplayerdao

Discord: https://discord.gg/rpd

Mission Center of RPO: https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index

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