RPD KOL-Ambassador Program is Open (Up to $10k Prize Pool)
June 8th, 2022

RPD, as the most active guild in East Asia, Turkiye and Africa and the first task platform of Gamefi, is desiged to be the bridge connecting real players and good games.

We've also received backing from a number of key Gamefi figures, like Animoca Brands and Blast Royale.

Now we are inviting you to become an ambassador of our mission.

Apply here: https://d0bo8n551nq.typeform.com/to/ZFfiwJyV

Why should you become one?

  • VIP entrance. Be the first to get the latest news and sneak peaks into our project’s development.
  • Rewards. We will have tasks for you which will be rewarded in $METAFI tokens and other benefits monthly. Expected monthly prize pool: $1k-$10k. These marketing token will follow our vesting plan(one month cliff, linear vesting for 24 month).
  • Be part of our team. Dive in, learn, and grow together with the project.

What does it entail?

  • Local CM — participate in the community management of our local communities and get rewards
  • Social Media Army — generate RPD brand awareness on social media and get rewards
  • Content Creators — create content and get rewards

Are you passionate about blockchain, gamefi and Metaverse?

Do you believe you can provide value to RPD and our community?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to step up. We are looking for community ambassadors to join our team and help us grow.

About RPD

RPD (Real Player DAO) is a web3 Metaverse guild that uses a task platform, guild, creadit system, renting system, and information service to connect good gamefi to real players.

RPD has created a task platform called Real Player Offering (RPO), which is designed to give tokens, NFT, whitelist, and stable coin to real players in exchange for them completing various tasks. RPO is Gamefi's first task platform, which we refer to as the "Rabbithole of Gamefi." Visit RPO's mission center at https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index for more information.

RPD is now the most active guild in the Chinese-speaking crypto world, with more than 17k Discord followers and over 2000 scholars. Meanwhile, RPD will not be limited to China. RPD is forming an active worldwide guild and assisting the global community in choosing the finest game by collaborating with Africa's first blockchain incubator and prominent KOLs from Turkiye.

We currently work with Blast Royale, Angelic,Epic League, KOI, Red Village, Aperion, Zodium, Forthbox, and other games.

When it comes to asset rental, RPD will work with the NFT rental protocol to lend assets to team fighters while lowering their risk and threshold. The risk, as well as the potential revenue, would be assumed by Guild.

RPD will provide all information required for the future Metaverse age to our guild members as a service. We are now working on industry research report, game introduction, gaming strategy, and daily news.

RPD will offer a series of membership NFT based on Asian mythology. NFT holders have the opportunity to advance their membership level and earn a variety of rewards by completing high-level assignments on the RPO platform .

RPD has completed its seed round, which was led by Animoca Brands and included Momentum6, Youbi, Double Peak, Dweb3, Blockpact, Enzac Research, and Mr Block.

To conclude, RPD would be the Metaverse's main gateway for millions of potential gamers anxious to join the P2E adventure.

Additional resources:

Website: https://realplayer.io

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/realplayerdao

Discord: https://discord.gg/rpd

Mission Center of RPO: https://rpo.realplayer.io/#/mission/index

Deck: https://docsend.com/view/7dhpzp9nm5t67c59

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