Fill the form to gain an NFT airdrop from Prometheus

The new game Prometheus which LGG guild have cooperated will issue airdrops for members of our guild. All you need to do is to fill the forms and register your wallet address.

Addresses registration will be closed on March 25th, the project team will send a first-generation battle cards (NFT) to registered address, which can ensure that all the players from above who participate in NFT staking will get BUSD rewards, and at least level 5 can be reached in the game. In this way, players can choose to continue to invest according to the experience, or not to continue to play low-level levels and staking gameplay. Btw, if the registered amount exceeds the NFT, Prometheus will choose randomly.

he beta-testing of the game will start on the 29th, all the players are able to play to earn and get WP, and all data are actually on the chain.

More about the game
Game official website :

Youtube :

Fill out the following two forms to participate in the event (both forms must be filled out~, especially the guild option must indicate LGG in the forms, otherwise you may not receive the airdrop)

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