Recap of AMA with KOI
April 27th, 2022


Hello Anetta, welcome to RPD for this AMA

Could you introduce yourself and why you get involved in crypto industy?



I’m Anetta, the project lead and ecosystem director at Koi Metaverse. I got involved in crypto for the first time in early 2017, just before the bull market. I started as a crypto investor, but the whole blockchain space got me excited, and I spent months and years studying it, before I went full time in crypto.

我是 Anetta,Koi Metaverse 的项目负责人和生态系统总监。 我在 2017 年初第一次涉足加密货币,就在上一轮牛市之前。 我最初是一名加密投资者,在我全职从事加密行业之前,我已经花了数月和数年的时间研究它,整个区块链领域都让我兴奋不已。


Blockchain does bring us a lot of surprises,Including koi

Please provide a brief overview of Koi Metaverse and Koi Network 


你能简要介绍 Koi Metaverse 和 Koi Network吗?


The two pillars of Koi are - Koi Network and Koi Metaverse. Koi Network is an ecosystem for GameFi NFT assets that includes a marketplace for gaming assets, NFT DeFi, a developer toolkit , a GameFi index, a GameFi hub for gamers, a launchpad for games, a cross-chain gateway etc.

Koi 的两大支柱是——Koi Network 和 Koi Metaverse。 Koi Network 是一个 GameFi NFT 资产生态系统,包括游戏资产市场、NFT DeFi、开发者工具包、GameFi 索引、游戏玩家的 GameFi 中心、游戏启动板、跨链网关等。

Koi Metaverse is the first Play-to-Earn game within the ecosystem, which allows players to earn passive income.

Koi Metaverse 是生态系统中的第一个 Play-to-Earn 游戏,允许玩家赚取被动收入。


I'm going to send out some NFT today,can you tell us about NFT in the game?

今天AMA我们会抽奖送出一部分Koi Metaverse里的NFT,你能给我们讲讲关于游戏内 NFT 的信息吗?


There are two types of NFTs in the game - fish and fish tanks.

游戏中有两种类型的 NFT——鱼和鱼缸。

There are in total 14 genes in Koi Metaverse. Specific combinations of some of these genes represent a ‘suit’. New suits give your fish a new look and extra mining power, and higher mining power means higher rewards.

Koi Metaverse 中共有 14 个基因。 其中一些基因的特定组合代表了一种“套装”, 新套装让你的鱼焕然一新,拥有额外的挖矿能力,更高的挖矿能力意味着更高的奖励。

You can use a fish tank to grow your fish so that their mining power - and therefore your income - increases. If not, you can rent it out. Every fish tank is unique and has different capacity levels. 

您可以使用鱼缸来养鱼,从而增加它们的采矿能力,进而增加您的收入。 如果没有鱼,你也可以把鱼缸租出去。 每个鱼缸都是独一无二的,具有不同的容量水平。


Can you explain the play-to-earn model in Koi Metaverse?

你能解释一下 Koi Metaverse 中的玩游戏赚钱的模式吗?


The play-to-earn model in Koiverse is pretty much straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of your time or any preliminary knowledge. All you have to do is to collect entire fish families by breeding, trading with others, fishing etc. You can stake fish from your NFT collection to mine SHELL or KOI tokens. Doing so, you will be able to earn passive income.  

Koiverse 中的赚钱模式非常简单,不需要您花费大量时间或准备任何初级知识。 您所要做的就是通过繁殖、与他人交易、钓鱼等来收集整个鱼类家族。您可以从您的 NFT 收藏中质押鱼来挖掘 SHELL 或 KOI 代币。 这样做,您将能够获得被动收入。

In the course of the year our team will develop new game features, unlocking extra earning possibilities for our community.



I see KOI has two tokens, What is the difference between KOI and SHELL tokens?



$KOI is the native token of Koi Network with a total supply of 1B. Its use cases are: staking, governance and payments within the ecosystem. In order to earn KOI tokens, you need to stake purebred fish from your collection. 

$KOI 是 Koi Network 的原生代币,总供应量为 1B。 它的用例是:生态系统内的质押、治理和支付。 为了获得 KOI 代币,您需要从您的收藏中质押纯种鱼。

$SHELL is the in-game currency of Koi Metaverse which you can use to cultivate fish, for rental fees or for breeding. You can earn SHELL tokens by staking regular fish. SHELL tokens aren’t tradable and have a burning mechanism. 

$SHELL 是 Koi Metaverse 的游戏内货币,您可以使用它来养鱼、支付租金或养殖。 您可以通过质押普通鱼来赚取 SHELL 代币。 SHELL 代币不可交易且具有燃烧机制。


What milestones do you plan to achieve this year?



On April 12 we’re conducting an INO on Chainboost and BSCStation. A week later, on April 19 we’ll release the beta of the game and the marketplace. Later down the road we’ll release the second version of the gamepaper, we’ll launch the fishing pond, PVP and PVE battles, NFT card games and Island defensive wars.  Also we’re planning to release the lending services and the GameFi index.

4 月 12 日,我们将在 Chainboost 和 BSCStation 上进行 INO。

一周后,即 4 月 19 日,我们将发布游戏和市场的测试版。

稍后我们将发布第二版游戏文件,我们将推出钓鱼池、PVP 和 PVE 战斗、NFT 卡牌游戏和岛屿防御战。

我们还计划发布借贷服务和 GameFi 指数。


Are there any ongoing events our community members can participate in?



We have plenty! Currently you can join our Gleam campaign to get a chance to win a huge airdrop, the Early Supporter program, the Ranking NFT campaign or the Sponge NFT giveaway. Join our social media channels to learn more and to participate in these events!  

我们现在有很多活动! 目前,您可以加入我们的 Gleam 活动,有机会赢得巨额空投、早期支持者计划、排名 NFT 活动或 Sponge NFT 赠品。 可以加入我们的社交媒体渠道以了解更多信息并参与这些活动!

Here are the official links:





Telegram Announcement Channel: 






Currently many gamefi projects only exsists with a relatively short life cycle, how would KOI attract more users and avoid these issues?



Compared with other gaming projects, Koi is building something bigger than a game. We’re building an infrastructure for GameFi NFT assets from different networks. This means that Koi Network will be easily accessible not only to our community members, but also to many other players  from other metaverses or games, ensuring the growth of our user base.

与其他游戏项目相比,Koi 正在构建比游戏更宏大的东西。 我们正在为来自不同网络的 GameFi NFT 资产构建基础设施。

这意味着不仅我们的社区成员,而且来自其他元宇宙或GameFi项目的玩家都可以轻松访问 Koi Network,从而确保我们用户群的增长。


Is there an open bata for Koi Metaverse, is so, when will it happen? Will there be rewards for users who participate in the open bata?

Koi Metaverse会有测试网吗,什么时候开放? 参与测试的用户会有奖励吗?


Whe beta version of the game will be released on April 19, together with the marketplace. In this version you’ll be able to get a mystery box, to breed new fish species, to stake NFTs from your collection and to mine SHELL tokens.

After the IDO we will add KOI mining, and moving forward we’ll add new features. Stay tuned.

该游戏的测试版将于 4 月 19 日与市场一起发布。 在这个测试版本中,参与者将能够获得一个神秘盒子、培育新的鱼类、从您的收藏中质押 NFT 并挖掘 SHELL 代币。

在 IDO 之后,我们将添加 KOI 挖矿功能,然后还将添加其他一些新的功能。 敬请关注。



Are there any physical limits to PVE and PVP combat in the game such as penalties or rewards for failure,There are no genetic factors for game NFT incubation, skill inheritance, such as the combination of A and B NFT to hatch the next generation



I can't release any information on the PVP/PVE battles just yet, so you'll need to follow our social media to not miss the moment when we do

Regarding the second question, definitely there are genetic factors playing an important role when breeding new fish species



A10战队|Baby Emily| RPD —


Does koi support playing on mobile? which chain is it?


It's on the BNB chain and yes, you'll be able to play on your smartphone as well

它在 BNB 链上,是的,你也可以在智能手机上玩!

追风战队—RainboWool | RPD

话说如果没有成本投入 可以从哪个角度切入去进行游戏的游玩以及收益的获取,分别都有哪些方式可以? 还是说必须得有前期的投入。

Can I play the game for free


You need at least one Koi NFT to start playing the game, other than that it's free

您至少需要一个 Koi NFT 才能开始玩游戏,除此之外它是免费的

POW战队|冒险家|RPD —


Can $KOI and $SHELL be exchanged directly?


It won't be possible in the beta version, but we're planning to implement a SHELL swap function in the future

在 beta 版本中是不可能的,但我们计划在未来实现一个 SHELL 交换功能



What is the function of the NFT sent by the official website now?


If you mean community NFTs, they can be considered as vouchers making the holders eligible for future $KOI airdrops

如果您指的是社区 NFT,它们可以被视为使持有者有资格获得未来 $KOI 空投的代金券


How about the team of the game, what is the previous experience of the chain tour



Our team members have extensive experience in different areas such as game development, smart contracts development, token economics, marketing, community building etc


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