RPD:African Campus Ambassador Recruitment

Brief:The Real Player DAO has launched an African campus ambassador recruiting campaign to help promote blockchain technology across the African continent.

Africa is the key region in determining whether blockchain technology can be adopted by the general public, with young people being the primary target audience. While Real Player DAO is currently focused on stabilizing the East Asian market, it is also looking to expand to the vast and ancient African continent.

Real Player DAO will lead the introduction of COCO Wallet, an Android-based mobile wallet, in Nigeria. The wallet offers a comprehensive range of services to local customers, enabling them to access the blockchain world. COCO Wallet's features include quiz, task collection, P2P (OTC), swap, launchpad, lottery, and more.

Real Player DAO will hire ambassadors from 20+ colleges in Nigeria to assist local young people in using COCO Wallet as a tool and experiencing the complete service from Real Player DAO.

The qualifications for ambassadors are simple: they must be college students of any age or major and passionate about the fast-growing blockchain industry. In addition, ambassadors will be awarded prizes that exceed the area's average income level in Nigeria. More details will be shared in the group.

Real Player DAO will also develop precise strategies to help young ambassadors and users establish cooperative ties with young people from different regions, learn more about blockchain and gamefi expertise, and become builders of the blockchain ecosystem.

If you are qualified and interested, please fill in this form and we will contact you asap:

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