Regenerative Journeys: ReFi Local Nodes 2023 Roundup


How can humanity realign our activities to nurture the well-being of people and planet? In 2023, ReFi DAO's efforts included fostering the emergence of ‘ReFi Local Nodes’. Spanning across diverse global locations, these nodes are more than just community hubs; they are cradles of action and innovation tailored to local needs. From Cape Town to Medellín, and with projects ranging from community engagement to environmental and technological advancements, each is charting a unique course towards ecological and social regeneration.

It’s time to have a look at the impact this network has generated during 2023. ⬇️

Map of the 2023 development of ReFi Local Nodes around the world
Map of the 2023 development of ReFi Local Nodes around the world


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For the past 12 thousand years, humanity has perfected an economic system based on extraction. Now, we face a critical juncture. Climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, rampant inequality, and an ever-growing void of trust in current governments, institutions, and corporations. In a world grappling with these multifaceted crises, where do we go from here? How can we realign human activity with the well-being of people, the planet, and the entire biosphere?

The Regenerative Finance (ReFi) movement proposes a new paradigm. One that seeks not just to minimize harm, but actively contribute to the health of our ecosystems and society with innovative financial mechanisms being a core driving force. Within this context, ReFi DAO emerges with a global mission to be a pivotal catalyst in the widespread growth, implementation, and adoption of ReFi. We aim to show the power of mission-driven communities, distributed technology, and regenerative economics to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.

Since April 2023, a core part of this mission became incubating and supporting the development of a global network of ‘ReFi Local Nodes’. These nodes serve as dynamic community-driven hubs that meet regularly to learn, experiment, and implement ReFi tools and solutions on the ground in their local country, city, town, or village. As a network, we aim to enact a worldwide regenerative ecosystem that not only implements but also innovates on ReFi practices and solutions tailored to local needs and potentials.

From Lisbon to Tanzania to Medellín, each node has charted its unique course, contributing significantly to the local and global regenerative economy. As we reflect on these achievements, we also look forward to the plans and visions set for 2024—a year that promises even greater strides in our collective journey towards a regenerative future. The success of each Local Node is a step towards ReFi DAO’s overarching vision – a future where community, finance, and technology work harmoniously towards ecological and social regeneration.

Incubating Emergence

At a global level, ReFi DAO aims to provide practical and strategic support for all ReFi Local Nodes. Beginning in April 2023 with the Local Node Beta Round, we initiated a $25k match funding pool to support the establishment of an initial cohort of nodes, primarily in the Global South. This effort led to the creation of 14 new nodes, all of which became part of an 8-week Alpha Cohort incubation program. This also led to the first iteration of the ReFi Local Node Toolkit - a series of guides designed to help leaders of local nodes achieve a specific outcome in their community.

Following this, the ReFi Local Node Beta Cohort kicked off in Gitcoin Grants 18 (GG18) Round in August 2023 with an additional $30k in match funding, courtesy of the Celo Foundation and affiliates. This round saw the emergence of 18 new Local Nodes around the globe. Check out the full results from these funding rounds in the article below. 👇

Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to continue supporting, growing and developing this network. The upcoming launch of the Local Node Beta Cohort is a key initiative, aimed at providing both new and existing nodes with deeper insights, tools, and collaborative opportunities. If you're an experienced founder or community builder passionate about long-term regeneration efforts, consider applying to form a new ReFi Local Node in your local country, city, town, or village. Your journey starts with the ReFi DAO Local Node Beta Cohort Application Form. For current node leaders or applicants, don't miss the upcoming kickoff event for the Beta Incubator and Collaboration Circles! 🎉 Join us to embark on this exciting venture. Register for the event and stay updated on all ReFi DAO Global events here: ReFi Local Nodes - Beta Incubator and Collaboration Circles Kickoff and ReFi DAO Global Events. 👇

Node Evolution

But first, as we step into the vibrant ecosystem of ReFi DAO's local nodes, it is essential to understand the stages that define their growth and development. These stages—Incubation, Established, and Mature—guide the categorization of each node's progression and impact within their communities.

  1. Incubation Stage: Here, nodes are in their formative phase, focusing on building their core team, identifying local needs, and crafting their mission. This stage is characterized by burgeoning community interest and laying foundational principles defining the node's unique purpose and direction.

  2. Established Stage: Nodes in this stage are actively engaging with their communities and implementing key activities and projects. They have developed a clear vision, established meaningful partnerships, and expanded their influence. Regular events, project rollouts, and secured funding are tangible signs of their growth and emerging presence.

  3. Mature Stage: Nodes that reach this stage exhibit financial self-sustainability and are making a significant impact on both local and broader regenerative practices. They may take on mentorship roles, guiding emerging nodes and contributing rich resources and knowledge to the global ReFi community. Their sustained impact and leadership signify the successful embodiment of regenerative finance principles.

With this understanding of the Local Node Stages, let's turn our attention to the individual stories of this vibrant community. Each summary in the upcoming sections provides insights into their achievements and highlights from 2023 and lays out their vision and plans for 2024. These narratives not only reflect the unique journey and impact of each node but also embody the collective spirit and aspiration of the ReFi DAO community towards building a regenerative future. Let’s dive in 🤿

ReFi Cape Town

Key Details

ReFi Cape Towns' Firs
ReFi Cape Towns' Firs

2023 Highlights

  • Tokenised Impact Economy Hackathon: Successfully hosted a hackathon that engaged local developers in using Web3 to address local sustainability challenges. Utilized funding from ReFi DAO and Celo to finance the hackathon, in addition to funding raised from private donors in the renewable energy sector and substantial technical support from ixo.

  • Diverse Community Engagement and Events: Interacted and connected with an incredibly diverse community, both locally in Cape Town and globally. Organized two in-person events featuring founders from the ReFi space, a year-end beach event, and a community service event distributing meals to the homeless.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Extended Partnerships & Collaboration: Working with ixo, UNICEF SA, and Green Rising to develop new Impact DAOs and digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) protocols. These first initiatives are focused on youth-led citizen science for water quality monitoring and creating learning-to-earning pathways with the Youth Marketplace of Africa and UMUZI.

  • Ecological Benefits Framework Integration: Planning to complement existing impact measurement and verification software built on the ixo software stack by integrating with the Lexicon and the Ecological Benefits Framework.

  • Fostering Community and Transparency: Aiming for continued open collaboration in a non-competitive, complimentary, decentralized, and transparent manner among ReFi Local Nodes.

ReFi Tulum

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Advancement in Circular Economy: Focused on progressing the circular economy with a key focus on using technology to accelerate solutions for plastic sequestration, tracking and tracing on the blockchain, and implementing plastic neutrality programs with various partners.

  • Impactful Partnerships: Formed crucial collaborations with PetGas and Tulum Circula, significantly driving our circularity program forward. The acquisition of TF100 Machine marked a major milestone in enhancing local upcycling capabilities—transforming plastic into usable products, integral to our circular economy strategy. Also, introduced reward systems to integrate Web3 into environmental efforts, with plans to expand towards full-time operation funding. Collaborated with several organizations to reduce their plastic footprint such as, Bye Bye Plastic / blond:ish, and Zamna.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Acceleration and Acquisition of Technological Solutions for Tulum: Our dream of a clean Tulum means creating and accelerating funding mechanisms for core technological solutions to address planetary issues such as plastic waste and environmental contamination. Through our work to bring visibility and awareness to Petgas' patented plastic sequestration technology, our goal is to bring a Petgas plant to Tulum in 2024 to support the work towards a clean Tulum and thus show the world what is possible.

  • Demonstrable Community Benefits: We will continue to onboard our community to web3 through rewards, incentivization, ecosystem development, and community engagement. We have been putting the pieces in place and are looking forward to connecting the dots so that anyone taking a positive action for Tulum will be rewarded with coins that can be used at local establishments with locally sourced and regenerative practices, thus creating a new economic system based on public good and environmental stewardship.

  • Launch of ReFi Rides for Sustainable Transportation: Introducing the ReFi Rides project, which offers electric bikes accessible through NFTs, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable transportation as part of a larger goal to weave Web3 solutions into everyday life.

"Our work is about showcasing the impact of bringing community together. We dream of a clean Tulum, demonstrating to the world that it's achievable through the power of Web3, technological innovation and community collaboration.” - Sandra Ponce de Leon

ReFi Italia & RiFai Sicilia

“Rifai Sicilia empowers communities to participate in on-chain regenerative finance and catalyzes a bioregional economy by connecting people, projects, and places. Rifai Sicilia is a cultural interpretation of Regenerative Finance “ReFi”. Rifai in Italian means “Do Over”, offering a new path for cultural and ecological regeneration.” - Antonio Paglino

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Ecological Development: Established "Butterfly Hill" syntropic Agroforestry food forest and planted 400 moringa trees, enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

  • Community Empowerment: Engaged communities across six bioregional locations, onboarded over 60 individuals with digital wallets, and facilitated participation in mutual aid events through the issuance of 120+ NFT tickets.

  • Technological Innovation: Adopted the dMRV platform Silvi Protocol for ecological monitoring and partnered with Sunflower Ecotech to create an agroforestry ecocredit system.

  • Educational Outreach: Developed and disseminated Italian language resources on regenerative finance and permaculture and conducted online bioregional mapping sessions.

  • Digital Engagement: Amplified online presence through various events and established a significant on-chain community footprint (View On-Chain Activity).

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Educational and Ecological Development: Developing the school at Butterfly Hill for land restoration and implementing Permaculture strategies like soil regeneration and renewable energy. Boosting bioregional regeneration with seed funding for local projects focusing on watershed restoration, reforestation, and fire prevention.

  • Community and Digital Empowerment: Formalizing operations with a non-profit association and enhancing the Online Marketplace for Farmers. Upgrade the website and extend Web3 education in Italian and English.

  • Project Expansion & Rifai Sicilia Week: Developing eco-credits, create an Italian encyclopedia on regenerative finance, and organize permaculture workshops, beach cleanups, and guardianship initiatives against fires. Showcasing projects and partnerships with a week-long mutual aid event, educational sessions, and bioregional tours.

  • Collaborative Partnerships and Network Growth: Forging alliances with blockchain communities like ETH Rome, Spaghetti.eth, and Bologna.eth. Spawning more local communities such as ReFi Puglia, ReFi Bologna, and hopefully ReFi Rome, to strengthen the network and regional impact.

"We came together and did the thing! This was one of the first events where it really felt like we made a tangible impact, actually regenerating land instead of coming together to talk about it! It was also a catalyst for refining our Agroforestry Stewardship Methodology. Definitely a highlight of the year." - Sev Nightingale

ReFi Tanzania

Key Details

Chatafisha's 2nd Annual ReFi event
Chatafisha's 2nd Annual ReFi event

2023 Highlights

  • Variety of Events with Stakeholder Engagement: Organized three in-person ReFi events sponsored by Celo, Climate Collective, and ReFi DAO, and one hybrid event in collaboration with The University of Dar-es-Salaam. This partnership is part of an ongoing initiative to demonstrate the use of blockchain technology in sustainability.

  • Launch of Carbon-Backed NFT Marketplace with CHATAFISHA: Implemented an MVP for a marketplace that demonstrates proof of impact in regeneration, beginning with waste management. This initiative has offset over a ton of plastic waste and positively impacted 20 waste pickers in three congested areas managed by four waste managers.

  • Introduction of Community-Backed Currency NYOTA Coin: Launched the first Community-Backed Currency, NYOTA coin, in Dar-es-Salaam, representing an innovative approach to local economic empowerment.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • WABA Workshop and Stakeholder Onboarding: Planning a Waste Assessment and Brand Audit (WABA) workshop for waste pickers and stakeholders. The goal is to onboard more projects onto the CHATAFISHA platform, covering various areas like waste, renewable energy, and regeneration.

  • Use of Community Inclusive Currencies: Experimenting with community-inclusive currencies in marginalized regions in Tanzania, with the NYOTA community token already launched in Mburahati, Dar es Salaam.

  • Robust Product Management and Exploration of New Fields: Aiming to successfully execute a comprehensive product management strategy, delve deeper into Pyrolysis and reforestation, and develop a permissionless methodology applicable globally, especially in the global south.

ReFi Phangan

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Financing and Funding Initiatives: Participated in various funding rounds like Gitcoin 19, GiveEth quadratic funding, and starting Phangan Quadratic Funding. Its aim is to onboard five local NGOs and communities and work with sponsors to boost local impact and promote ReFi Phangan.

  • Monthly Event - Regen Full Moon: Hosted regular events for knowledge sharing, networking, and executing part of the mission “to be regen happier”. These events feature speakers from Web3 and public goods and are followed by a dance party in Phangan ‘chillaxing’ style.

Vision & Plans for 2024

  • Community Onboarding: Focusing on onboarding five NGOs and communities like Clean Phangan, educating them about blockchain usage. Also conducting beach cleanups and composting.

  • Impact NFT Collection: Developing an impact NFT collection under Ecosynthesis X, which includes an air quality AI assistant, a micro-economy app, and the NFT collection itself.

  • Dream Project - Regenerative Hub: Aspiration to acquire land for building a regenerative hub, including guest houses, a farm, and educational facilities for children on topics like robotics, astronomy, ecology, and environmental science.

  • Financial Prosperity and Impact for Local Nodes: Aiming for financial stability and effectiveness for local nodes, enabling them to bring real-world changes.

“I want to first of all thank the ReFi DAO team for providing such great support in hard market conditions. For the local nodes I wish for financial sustainability and would like to see as many nodes as possible to bring real tangible changes in the real world. CoordiNATION” - Paul Burg

ReFi Lisboa

ReFi Day @ Poolside Hub Opening Event
ReFi Day @ Poolside Hub Opening Event

2023 Highlights

  • Successful Event Series and Community Growth: Kicked off with a successful inaugural event in February, which laid the foundation for a strong community base for ReFi Lisboa, followed by consistent monthly events throughout the year, culminating in ReFi Week at the Traditional Dream Factory and a unifying Christmas party that brought together various Web3 communities.

  • Threefold Events for Ecosystem Mapping: Organized a series of three events aimed at mapping the regenerative ecosystem in Portugal and leading to the creation of an MVP online map. This map facilitates connections and guides travelers to regenerative environments in and around cities, expanding the reach to other nodes.

  • Portuguese Podcast Launch: Launched planta-R, a new ReFi Podcast in Portugeese. Extending beyond Portugal, this also aims to include Brazil, Mozambique, and a diverse array of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Vision & Plans for 2024

  • Diversification and Expansion: Planning to diversify activities beyond monthly events. This includes community actions like beach clean-ups, collaborations with organizations, and thematic tracks such as technology and self-regeneration.

  • Experimentation with Event Formats: Exploring different formats, not just traditional speaking events, but also engaging workshops and interactive sessions, reflecting a year of experimentation and growth.

  • Community Growth: Aiming to expand the community further, integrating them into the ReFi Lisboa network.

ReFi Mexico City

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Strategic Partnerships and Roles: Solidified a partnership with Huerto Roma Verde to serve as their official Web3 consultants, hosting educational sessions for organic farmers on Web3 funding, and secured the role of official event organizer for ReFi events at Ethereum Mexico, boosting formal engagement and visibility.

  • Enhanced Media and Digital Engagement: Achieved notable recognition with features in Tech for Good articles and podcasts, while expanding digital outreach through collaborations with Gitcoin and Ethic Hub, creating a Giveth project profile, active participation in, and bolstering Twitter presence through co-hosted Twitter spaces and other engagements.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Web3 and Digital Initiatives: Developing minter and Web3 tools for Gitcoin's Climate Change challenges, implementing a reward and engagement system, creating a Regen marketplace, Impact Market Maker, and accompanying whitepaper to tokenize impact activities and assets.

  • Impact Measurement and Community Engagement: Focusing on Proof of Impact tools, launching a Virtual Reality (VR) space for global community expression, and hosting interactive events, both online and offline.

  • Enhanced Communication and Advocacy: Developing an enhanced website, integrating a calendar for upcoming events like Twitter Spaces, meetups, and workshops, and crafting a guide for a low-impact lifestyle. Increasing content focused on regenerative and circular frameworks, promoting sustainable practices such as Meatless Monday.

"When we sat down with Paco and Pedro from Huerto Roma Verde, it was evident that their commitment was genuine. They welcomed the ideas of Web3 and sustainability with open arms. Their knowledge and experience were profound, and they recognized this as a global movement. It became clear that the initiatives we are pioneering in Mexico have the potential to reach and influence other parts of the world." - Oscar Andrade

ReFi Hong Kong

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Diverse Events: Organized three significant events, including two offline and one online event, to promote Web3 technology and its role in regenerative economics. This includes the inaugural ReFi Hong Kong kick-off event in April alongside the Web3 Festival, co-organized with Arkreen, Wanxiang Blockchain, HashKey Group, and ReFi DAO.

  • Online Engagement: Conducted the first online Twitter Space in July, featuring discussions with Carbon World, RGRT, New Energy Nexus, and Allinfra on ESG and ReFi practices in Hong Kong.

  • AI+ESG Focus: Partnered with Carbonbase for an offline event in August, focusing on AI and ESG, featuring Patricia from UN Migration, analyzing ESG reports of HKEX-listed companies.

  • GreenBTC Club Launch: ReFi Hong Kong key partner, Arkreen Network, launched the GreenBTC Club application in November, aiming to build a sustainable Bitcoin Ecosystem and recognizing contributions with Soulbound Tokens.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Expanding GreenBTC: Planning to co-host GreenBTC with other local node communities, leveraging ReFi DAO’s global network to grow the Green Bitcoin Ecosystem.

  • Community Growth: Focusing on hosting more offline/online events related to ESG, ReFi, and Web3 and expanding the community to 100+ members.

My wish is to witness blockchain and decentralized technologies thriving in harmony with ecological responsibility. I aspire to see our initiatives fostering a sustainable and energy-efficient bitcoin and Web3 ecosystem, where decentralized applications and platforms prioritize environmental consciousness. May this year mark a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for the bitcoin and Web3 ecosystem, ensuring that innovation goes hand in hand with ecological responsibility.” - Leo Lin

ReFi Colombia & ReFi Medellín

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Purposeful Collaborations with Glo Dollar: Entered a notable partnership with Glo Dollar, integrating regenerative finance principles with practical treasury investments.

  • Incubating a National Network: ReFi Medellín helped to create ReFi Bogotá, ReFi Saravena, and ReFi Cartagena, with all the nodes coming together under the umbrella of ReFi Colombia.

  • Focus on Community Education: Organized a series of educational workshops and panels featuring projects from the carbon credit, digital gold, and sustainable farming sectors, emphasizing the commitment to educate and build strong partnerships with local entities.

  • Engagement in Environmental Responsibility: Demonstrated dedication to environmental responsibility through Salvaterra tree planting, cleanups, and collaborations with NFT artists, highlighting their active role in community engagement.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Establishment of a Credit Platform: Aiming to launch a credit platform, providing financial support to the community and building upon the success of initiatives like the Gitcoin funding round.

  • Expansion and Integration into ReFi Ecosystem: Planning to set up new nodes and enhance their integration into the wider ReFi ecosystem, marking a significant step towards expansion and inclusivity.

  • Continued Focus on Education: Focusing on education, with plans to introduce English courses for members and ongoing support for Impact Market initiatives, reinforcing their commitment to community development and empowerment.

ReFi Miami

Key details

2023 Highlights

  • Climate Collabothon: Initiated around Earth Day, involving subject matter experts, influencers, politicians, and government personnel. Focused on sustainability targets for cities and engaged the community in a week-long collaborative hackathon with festival workshops, agroforestry planting actions, and incubator-related gatherings.

  • Urban Reforestation Program: Introduced an urban reforestation program in early stages, coordinated with key players like DERM (the Department of Environment Resource Management) and Fairchild. Aimed at launching citizen-led urban forestry, with methodologies developed around native and indigenous tree species of the Miami area.

  • Onboarding Web3 and Crypto Community: Engaged the local community into Web3, with members involved in significant events and organizations like Logos Capital, and BitBasel.

  • Regional Development & Collaboration: Miami and South Florida were designated as a National Tech Hub for Resilience and Climate and key ReFi Miami members and have served on boards from Miami Dade County and City of Miami to help lead this charge.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Focus on Reforestation: Continuing partnerships with local festivals for event-based planting and onboarding key stakeholders, for example, Climate Hub. Scaling citizen-led reforestation to plant thousands of trees, contributing to scientific research on local tree species.

  • Corporate Buy-In and Private Sector Participation: Aiming for solutions that involve not just crypto experimentation but also engage corporate or private sector participants.

  • Collaboration Among Nodes: Encouraging nodes to collaborate on replicable models and architectures for solutions, with reforestation as a prime example.

“A lot of solutions are local solutions, but the models and the architecture of these solutions can be replicated in different parts of the world. So it's about creating pillars or verticals for multiple nodes to come together in co-creating and problem-solving.” - Djimo Serodio

ReFi Lagos

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Integration with UBI Africa: Concentrated on integrating their operations with UBI Africa, aiming for sustainable growth and long-term success.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Self-Reliance and Sustainable Operational Model: Strengthening the synergistic relationship between UBI Africa and ReFi Lagos, championing a sustainable model for ongoing activities and future growth.

  • Community & Events: Expanding reach and impact through more events and community engagement, including an anticipated milestone event sponsored by Celo in January. The goal is to create a stronger, more resilient community that can effectively contribute to the broader objectives of the ReFi network.

"Our focus is on becoming stronger and delving deeper into educating our community. We envision a center dedicated to scaling ReFi climate and education initiatives. It's about building a community that is not only eager to learn about climate change and ReFi but also capable of driving real impact.” - Adaeze Okafor

Building a great community in ReFi has been transformative for me; My journey is about learning more regarding regeneration and Web3, integrating ancestral knowledge into modern solutions. It's all about solving problems and making a difference.” - Simon Eze

ReFi Paramaribo

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Series of Impactful Events: Hosted impactful events and community-focused initiatives, engaging technology enthusiasts and sustainability advocates. Their notable "Innovators Buzz" event gathered prominent speakers like Diego Sabajo and Revinh Ramnandanlall from SURGE, a government and World Bank-funded program, spotlighting the role of technology in sustainable development and regenerative economics in Suriname. Each event attracted over 70 attendees, showcasing the increasing community interest in these topics. Also launched two local initiatives: a mini accelerator program and a mentorship program.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Continued Momentum into 2024: Maintaining momentum, planning to organize at least one major event per quarter, with a focus on community building and expansion. These quarterly events are pivotal in laying the foundation for potential expansion and strengthening their community's engagement and reach.

  • Regional Expansion Plans: Growing influence, with plans to expand into neighboring regions like Guyana, contingent upon the success of ongoing discussions and the increasing interest in technology and regenerative practices in these areas.

ReFi Costa Rica

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Inaugural Events and National Outreach: ReFi Costa Rica began with a successful event at Crypto Cantina, expanding its activities nationwide to promote ReFi principles and engage diverse regions.

  • Community Building and Incubation Initiatives: The first Encuentro ReFi Costa Rica united regenerative finance leaders and enthusiasts, while a virtual incubator pilot program provided support and resources for ReFi projects.

  • ReFi Demo Day: Showcasing Innovations: ReFi Costa Rica's year peaked with the ReFi Demo Day, featuring eight varied projects at the Blockchain Jungle, highlighting Costa Rica's role in blockchain and regenerative finance.

What’s Coming Up in 2024

  • Develop the ReFi Collaborative Business Incubator: Attract funding for seed capital and continue the process with current members as well as open a new call for participation.

  • Continue Monthly ReFi Meetups: Coordinate with Crypto Cantina, and organize events outside of San José in collaboration with local actors supporting innovation and impact.

  • Organize the 2nd ReFi Meeting: Scheduled for January, in coordination with the cooperative sector (January 25-26).

    "In 2023, the vibrant web3 and ReFi community of Costa Rica connected and collaborated through our events and initiatives, including the first ReFi Incubator experiment. In 2024, we commit to continuing to be the bridge of connection, consolidating Costa Rica as a laboratory of innovation for the tokenization of real assets. From precious wood trees to sustainable real estate, wildlife conservation, and the transformation of traditional industries such as gourmet coffee, rural tourism, wellness, and health, we will support ReFi projects that are exploring new frontiers with web3 tools." - Karla Cordoba Brenes

ReFi Barcelona

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Project Kick-Off and Team Building: Kicked off in late July with the Genesis event at AKASHA Hub, which formed an initial team meeting regularly to collaborate to shape the direction of the local node. In November, an in-person team workshop was held at Canòdrom, a public hub for open technologies, participative democracy, and digital culture.

  • Gitcoin Round and Local Node Incubation: Proudly participated in the first Gitcoin funding round and joined ReFi DAO's beta cohort for the local nodes incubator.

  • Knowledge Base & Ecosystem Map: Currently, ReFi BCN is in the process of launching its knowledge base, ecosystem map, and website. This initiative aims to showcase and connect the diverse elements of Barcelona's thriving local ecosystem of social economy and cooperative movements with the global ReFi and Web3 communities, fostering a network of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Launch of ReFi BCN Knowledge Base: Introducing the ReFi BCN Knowledge Base with an adaptable framework to enhance reach and impact. Take a sneak peek at the ReFi BCN Knowledge Base and website [to be soon publicly published].

  • Organizational Structure and Membership Model: Developing a clear organizational structure and outlining membership models for ReFi Barcelona.

  • Networking and Event Initiatives: Combining in-person events starting in March with network expansion efforts, focusing on partnerships in ReFi, local cooperatives, and ecological initiatives.

  • Leadership in Quadratic Funding and Hackathons: Spearheading initiatives like quadratic funding rounds, hackathons, and mentorship programs to support emerging projects.

ReFi London

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Event Sponsorship: Sponsored Regens Unite London’s first event that saw 50+ attendees and 15+ workshop sessions, including ‘The Ecosystem: Collaborating towards a new economic system’ by Rachel Kan, ‘From Network States to Regen CoordiNATION’ by Monty Merlin, and ‘The Wellbeing Protocol - Building Community Wellbeing DAOs’ by Mark Pascall.

  • Established Connections: Partnered with the GreenPill UK chapter and Regens Unite London.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • ReFi London Events: Kicking things off with a meetup during the upcoming ETH London, they aim to lead combined ReFi London x GreenPill UK x Regens Unite events and meetups. Furthermore, recognizing London's unparalleled position as a hub of talent and innovation, in addition to core ReFi & Web3 community members, they aim to attract public, private, and third-sector leaders.

  • ReFi London Knowledge Graph & Website: Fuelling the further development of the ReFi London Knowledge Graph and its website. This platform will serve as a comprehensive map of London's regenerative economy ecosystem and locally aligned projects.

The roots of ReFi London are embedded in the global ambition of ReFi DAO—a vision to cultivate a worldwide regenerative economy through a network of interconnected local communities. ReFi London aspires to be a beacon among these Nodes, rallying high-impact leaders; contributing to ReFi DAO; and leveraging London's leadership in finance, entrepreneurship, technology, and academia for positive change.” - Monty Merlin Bryant

ReFi Geneva

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Connections with International Organizations: Since August, established connections with various international organizations, including FAO, to present a vision integrating web3 technologies and grassroots movements for regenerative agriculture, focusing on food forests and soil health.

  • Partnerships with Web3 Protocols: Formed partnerships with different web3 protocols, facilitating adoption and engagement with regulators.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Strengthening and Expanding Partnerships: Aim to strengthen existing partnerships and expand to assist other local nodes in accessing international organizations' expertise, resources, and networks.

  • Education and Collaboration: Collaboration with Silvi Protocol for establishing a tree nursery in Geneva to share best practices, seedlings, and resources with local community, focusing on GOs, NGOs, and schools.

  • Integrating Resources: Incorporating resources from other local nodes, like the London node Knowledge graph and platforms such as

  • Event Programming and Funding: Held one online event and ongoing informal gatherings. Plans to host more events at the tree nursery, possibly requiring funding for providing free plants and educational resources.

ReFi Berlin

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Diverse Event Hosting: ReFi Berlin hosted a variety of events, including multi-day events during Berlin Blockchain Week, and the second annual Regens Unite event with hundreds of attendees.

  • Innovative Project Launches: Introduced new projects like Entropy and Traditional Dream Factory, worked on a privacy blockchain, facilitated the Cohere Residency from June to August and Funding the Commons residency in September, engaging global participants in collaborative projects.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Expanded Partnerships: Exploring substantial partnerships for events in early summer, with a focus on smaller, more focused gatherings.

  • EU Funding and Artist Integration: Aiming to secure EU funding for artist residencies, blending art and ReFi elements, enhancing the community's creative and innovative capacity.

  • Tokenization and Financial Strategies: Planning to tokenize MOOS space with a user-friendly approach, focusing on utility and potentially exploring standard share offerings through a cooperative.

ReFi Toronto

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Engaging Meetups and Conferences: Successfully hosted five diverse and educational meetups, including a significant presence at Canada's largest Web3 conference, Blockchain Futurist.

  • Educational and Creative Initiatives: Covered a range of topics from ReFi fundamentals to creative workshops like "Cyberpunk vs. Solarpunk 2077," and hosted discussions on the intersection of NFTs, Crypto, Philanthropy, and Social Impact.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Expand Educational and Community Spaces: Establish a dedicated space for regenerative finance engagement and launch a series of workshops at the Centre for Social Innovation.

  • Foster Innovation and Awareness: Develop a venture studio for Web3 circular economy projects and continue educational sessions with the Toronto Centre for Innovation, focusing on raising awareness and community involvement in ReFi.

    “In 2015, after meeting Vitalik Buterin and joining the Thiel Foundation community, I recognized Web3 as my calling. In 2019, attending the Celo Prosper Retreat confirmed ReFi as my career goal. My dream is to be a digital product designer in a future-proofed company with a social impact mission.” - Tian-Yuan Zhao

ReFi Venezuela

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Events & Onboarding Success: Hosted four key events, two online and two in-person, coupled with onboarding sessions for new members, focusing on wallet creation and Telegram integration. A notable event during Global Entrepreneurship Week led to the onboarding of 48 new individuals into Web3.

What's Coming Up in 2024

  • Expanding Digital Presence and Programs: Establishing a more robust online presence with a new website and increased activity on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Innovative Onboarding Event: Organizing an onboarding event at a coffee plantation, scheduled for January, to introduce approximately 15 farmers to ReFi and organic cultivation practices, with insights from field experts. This event was originally planned for November but has been rescheduled.

ReFi Wien

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Initial Meetup and Growing Interest: After ReFi day at CCG23, they launched our inaugural ReFi Wien meetup on December 13th, 2023, establishing their presence.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Continued Community Engagement and Major Event Planning: Aiming to host monthly meetups throughout 2024, including a ReFi unconference at the commons hub, to maintain momentum and enhance community engagement, along with a significant event in April in collaboration with the Crypto Commons Association, aimed at bringing together ReFi community leaders in Vienna to strengthen local connections within the ecosystem.

Regenerative Finance without grassroots action is Green Capitalism” - Giulio Quarta

ReFi Singapore

Key Details

  • Location: Singapore 🇸🇬

  • Node Stage: Incubation

  • Core Contributors: Shihan Fang

  • Key links: Telegram

2024 Vision & Plans

  • Membership Expansion: Increasing the Telegram group to 200 curated members, fostering a community aligned with ReFi Singapore’s objectives.

  • Launch Event: Planning a launch event to strengthen community engagement and raise awareness of ReFi Singapore's initiatives.

  • Integrated Environmental Focus: Emphasizing a holistic approach encompassing nature-based solutions, advancing a circular economy, and promoting the greening of industries as well as other sustainable practices.

  • Regen Supply Media Growth: Continued media coverage of ReFi in Asia via Regen Supply podcasts, written stories, and the Regen Weekly YouTube program, securing interviews with industry figures to explore the future of ReFi.

“Integrating climate consciousness into mainstream culture has become more critical than ever before. People have woken up to the urgency of addressing climate change and social injustices. I hope to do my part to show how a more regenerative future could look like” - Shihan Fang

ReFi Istanbul

Key Details

2023 Highlights

  • Establishment of ReFi Istanbul: Established in August 2023, ReFi Istanbul successfully raised awareness about regenerative finance, onboarded new individuals and NGOs into Web3, and organized events advocating for eco-friendly urban living.

  • Conducted First Workshop: Held the inaugural workshop, focused on reconnecting urban community members with nature, where participants learned to identify and source natural materials, developed practical skills in crafting natural products, and strengthened community connections through shared regenerative living goals.

  • Robust Event Schedule: Successfully organized over 20 events; that are all focused on regeneration and Web3 demonstrating a strong commitment to community engagement and education.

2024 Vision & Plans

  • More Events and Workshops: Aiming to organize a mix of in-person and digital events, focusing on creative workshops and discussions on regeneration and Web3.

  • Boosting Media Outreach: Planning to enhance media presence with quality video content, podcasts, and infographics to educate and promote regenerative practices.

ReFi DAO Global 2024 - What’s Next?

As 2024 is underway, ReFi DAO Global is set to embrace an exciting phase of new growth and innovation. The applications to our next Local Node Beta Cohort have been overwhelmingly positive, with a myriad of new nodes proposed from diverse locations like Sao Paulo, Santa Barbara, Uganda, Goma, Kuala Lumpur, and many more stepping forward to join the network. The diversity of locations represented highlights the universal appeal and adaptability of the ReFi model. From urban centers in Brazil to communities in Nigeria, each new node brings its unique context and challenges, enriching our collective experience and understanding. This diversity strengthens our network, ensuring that our approach to regenerative finance remains inclusive, innovative, and globally relevant.

We encourage those who are experienced founders or community builders and are passionate about creating long-term regenerative impact in their regions to apply and form a new ReFi Local Node. Whether you're in a bustling city or a rural village, your contribution is vital to our collective mission. You can begin this transformative journey by completing the ReFi DAO Local Node Beta Cohort Application Form. 👇

For our current node leaders and those who have already applied, we eagerly invite you to the upcoming kickoff event for the Beta Incubator and Collaboration Circles. This event, "ReFi Local Nodes - Beta Incubator and Collaboration Circles Kickoff," is more than just a meeting — it's the starting point for a year of groundbreaking collaboration and community building. It's an opportunity to connect, share insights, and lay the groundwork for what we hope will be a year of remarkable achievements and growth. Make sure to register for this pivotal event and stay updated on all ReFi DAO Global events at

As we move forward into 2024, each new and established node is a crucial part of our journey towards a regenerative future. Together, we are not just imagining a world where finance serves the greater good — we are actively building it. Join us in this exciting venture as we continue to shape a thriving, equitable, and regenerative world. 🎉🌍🌱

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