Body, soul and image

'Body Soul Image' is the name of our new collection of NFTs launched at Solana this past week (04/01/2023). It is a collection that took a little over 2 years to launch.

The photos were made in 2020, with a wonderful and super expressive model - Talita - in a luxury hotel in the city of São Paulo (Brazil). We had a photo shoot proposal ready, and part of it involved photos of Talita looking at herself in a mirror that covered an entire wall of the room.

During the photos, Talita's expression and the feeling that this expression conveyed to us moved us.

That piece of the shoot had power. It imprinted feelings beyond those shown in the rest of the shoot. And this led us to separate a good part of these photos to be released as a separate series.

We kept them for a few months thinking about how to put them together.

The theme was already in our heads and had been the subject of our conversations since that afternoon of the photo shoot. But the final piece was still missing: how to edit the photos in such a way that they would deliver the message we wanted.

And to arrive at this edition took 2 years, and several frustrated attempts.

Original picture, before final editing
Original picture, before final editing

When we started this journey, we had only one theme: to reflect about social networks and our society; and one assumption: the collection should present this reflection only with images, without the need for a long description accompanying the collection.

The description should be only the phrase 'An imagetic reflection on society and social networks'. This was our starting point.

After many attempts that went wrong, we were putting together an NFT, in Tezos, on a subject related to the environment that intrigues us, and we used a motion blur technique in this photo.

'In focus?' -
'In focus?' -

We thought at the time: this might be a good technique for the 'Body Soul Image' collection! That was in July 2022...

Since then we tested several ways of applying the technique to the photos chosen for the collection, we improved the technique and included new ones, like aging the image, until we reached the point where, for us, the photos were perfect and expressed exactly what we wanted to say.

And now the collection is minted in Solana, and listed for sale at ExchangeArt. Have you had a chance to see it?

BSI #002
BSI #002
BSI #001
BSI #001

These images are part of the NFT collection ‘Body Soul Image’, minted on the solana network. If you would like to purchase some, see the collection on ExchangeArt.

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Photographers: Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis
Photographers: Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis

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Disclaimer: If you collected this text, you own one or more of the editions of it, but not the photos that make it up. The photos are sold separately as NFT. By acquiring this text you are licensed to carry it in your wallet, display it online and physically, and sell the NFT you have acquired, without altering it, but you have no other commercial rights to it or the photos that are part of it. These rights remain with the authors.

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