Sell your NFT with credit card

Manifold recently launched an integration with Crossmint, which allows the sale of NFTs with payment by credit card.

It's a very welcome integration, as it makes selling NFTs much easier and helps onboard new collectors to the NFT universe.

Yesterday we managed to do our first integration, on our work 'My Flying Soul', which can now also be purchased via credit card. This is the one:


You can mint an edition of ‘My Flying Soul’ with credit card at Manifold via this link if you wish.

We also decided to put together this little tutorial to help other artists do the same. So let´s go!

. To get started, you need to create a Crossmint account. You can access their website here, and then enter the 'Dev Console' link

. Create your Crossmint account and in the dashboard go to the 'Collections' link. Then create a new collection:

. Fill in the fields with the same name, image and description as your collection launched through Manifold.

. On the next page, click on 'Import an existing contract':

. Choose the blockchain on which your contract was minted:

. Then choose your contract provider. In our case is Manifold:

Choose the type of contract, and fill in the field with its address on the blockchain. In our case it is an ERC-721 contract:

. To find out the contract address, look on your contract page in the Manifold dashboard:

. Once this is done, register your collection:

. Once registered, on your collection page, first start the creator's personal verification process and then the collection verification process in the menu on the left (verification can take up to 24 hours). Then copy the 'Collection ID', which will be used in Manifold:

. With the 'Collection ID' copied, go back to Manifold and open the NFT manager to which you want to integrate the credit card payment. Once open, enter the 'advanced' link:

. Allow credit card payments, paste the Crossmint 'Collection ID' in the field indicated, and save:

. That's it. Now you just have to wait for the collection to be verified by Crossmint and, as soon as the verification is complete, the credit card payment button will appear on the Manifold checkout of your artwork:

We hope this little tutorial helps, and if you have any questions, send us a DM on X.

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Reiniscouple* is the art project created by Brazilian photographers Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis. We have been photographers for over 20 years, and since 2020 we have been dedicated to creating photography and photo manipulations in NFT. Follow us on social media and see our latest collections on our website*

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