The new nude photography market

How web3 is changing the market for nude and sensual photography worldwide.

There is no way to talk about the present and the future without remembering the past. We are from 1974, and as teenagers we lived the phase when we used to buy magazines like Playboy and Hustler at newsstands, and collect them.

I (Oliver), when I became an adult owned a large collection of nude magazines, including some autographed by the models. At that time and for the following years the nude editorial market experienced a boom period, with magazines, photographers, and models earning very good money.

Then came the Internet, and the closed and paid sites all over the world. People were still earning well, but with the Internet came piracy. Some ill-intentioned users copied and distributed copies of the photos for free or by earning money for the work of others.

It was at this time that we entered the market. Our first nude photography jobs appeared precisely as productions for paid sites. Then we started to build our own sites, and soon after to build sites for models and manage their content and subscriptions. That was the beginning of our photography production company. Although we loved the work, we suffered with piracy, like everyone else at the time.

Then came the cell phone market (before smartphones), and we started producing photos for sale via SMS (if you remember this you are as old as we are). At that time we produced photo and video content for mobile operators in 10 countries. That was big, back then.

Along came smartphones, along came social networks, messaging apps like whatsapp and telegram, and the nude market was lost. Social networks and messaging apps made it much easier to pirate and send images, in a way that the content producer has no way to keep up. The market has lost traction. Big magazines and websites closed down, but the silver lining is that personal content productions emerged with web 2.0.

Models and photographers took it upon themselves to sell their content, but financially there was little change.

Before, magazines and websites took the lion's share of the profits. Now, despite the freedom of the models and photographers to produce and sell their own content, we still depended on websites to serve as a base for the sale of these contents, and for this we had to accept and force ourselves to comply with the rules and values charged by those sites.

And piracy was still going strong. Once a photo was on the net, it could be copied and redistributed, with others making money instead of the author of the photo, or the model. There was no way to distinguish original work from copies.

NFT and web3 are fixing this.

Piracy still exists and will continue, but today I can make sure if a picture is the original work or not, if I buy it directly from the author like NFT, I can make sure it's real, and not just a pirated copy. I have a way to guarantee the value of that work of art, and prove its originality.

More than that, I know that I am buying a work of art, and that the money deposited in that purchase goes to the author and the model, ensuring that they continue to produce and grow, to develop this market that we love so much.

And we get back to that teenage feeling, of collecting pieces that we like. Today they are no longer magazines, but works of art, wonderful pictures of photographers and models that we admire and are proud to display in our wallets and virtual galleries.

So, besides continuing to produce, with an excitement and joy that we haven't felt in years, we have been collecting NFTs for 2 years now, and every day we feel happier about it, and more and more we want to dive deeper into this wonderful world of web3.

See you next time!

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Photographers: Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis
Photographers: Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis
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