Art has a superpower: it affects those who are looking at it.

It doesn't matter if it causes love or hate, passion or disgust. Whether it invokes good or unpleasant feelings. What matters is that we can hardly remain passive when looking at a work of art. It is never innocuous.

And that's why art has always been about discussion. Whether it's an external discussion or an internal one - the viewer is called into some kind of discussion when appreciating a work of art.

That's wonderful. Art invokes thought and feeling. Ephemeral, momentary, instantaneous and sometimes undisciplined thoughts and feelings.

Often we don't even have time to appropriate those feelings and thoughts at that moment, with the calm they invoke.

But they existed at that unique moment, and they become part of our repertoire, which will be used for future interpretations and creations. The ephemerality of a single moment becoming the raw material of our being.

Our new collection navigates precisely this ephemerality.

All the 6 pieces are open editions, free mints, on the Zora network.


The collection was created entirely using the ICM (intentional camera movement) technique, and the only post-production was the cropping of the images.

It is part of a reinvention of our photographic collections in 2023, which is looking for photographs with few (ideally no) post-production interventions.

We hope that these photographs speak to you as they do to us.

Oliver Reinis / Shirley Reinis

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