AMA REWIND: Futures Foundation Community AMA Transcript

We recently hosted our AMA with Futures Foundation. Most of the community members joined, but some were not available to attend, in order to learn more about the knowledge shared by the founder and CEO of Future Foundation. We have compiled all the highlights of this AMA into transcripts for those who missed the session.


Q@FC: We saw a promotional campaign of REKALL on Futures Foundation, may I ask, is there any cooperation between REKALL and Futures Foundation?

FC: REKALL is our first fully incubated project, when we first meet the REKALL team, we found that this is a very disruptive NFT platform that has a complete business ecosystem, is a very promising project, very much in line with our foundation's investment criteria. Therefore, we have reached an exclusive partnership to participate in the development, marketing, and release of REKALL to promote the development of REKALL.


Q@FC: What is REKALL?

FC: REKALL is a community-based marketplace for NFT artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. REKALL accumulates a significant amount of artists, providing a bridge between traditional artists and the Metaverse.



Q@FC: Why does Futures Foundation choose to incubate REKALL?

FC: As the world desperately battles rising inflation, many investors are increasingly thinking about investing in the NFT market; the NFT market has grown 220 times in just two years, Futures Foundation believes that the potential of NFT is just beginning to develop, and the market has yet to experience a massive influx of users and full public adoption. REKALL’s mission is to facilitate artworks to enter the NFT market, REKALL is a bridge between blockchain and artworks, and REKALL will also incubate global art piece creators.


Q@FC: Which public chain does REKALL deploy on?

FC: REKALL is deployed on BNB Smart Chain and will be deployed on multi-chains. With upgraded security, REKALL has lower fees and higher speed that supports trading of all kinds of high-quality NFTs; Users can also swap assets on REKALL directly.


Q@FC: In your opinion, What’s the future of REKALL?

FC: REKALL is a unique and innovative NFT platform that provides creativity and recognition to creators and brings significant revenue and value to NFT owners. REKALL’s tokenomics makes NFT energy mining unique, it can also create a diversified circulation of the NFT, NFT holders will be able to get more rewards, and with that, can also maintain the healthy operation of the mechanism. Most importantly, 100% of the token is released by the mining smart contract, so everyone is on the same page, This is the ultimate decentralized mechanism, which shows the fairness of the blockchain.

According to the current development of REKALL, the official website has been launched, and the REKALL NFT mint will start soon. I believe the REKALL business ecology and the cross-chain swap technology are very rare in the market. Let's look forward to it together.

REKALL: A Future Within Reach


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Official Website:






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