The Road Ahead for REKALL NFT Adventure

REKALL's mission is to empower the NFT marketplace, REKALL has successfully bridged the gap between creators and investors. REKALL innovates stake NFT to earn mechanism and aims to make NFTs more accessible.

NFTs have become well-known worldwide, and our objective is to make it easier for creators to approach blockchain by integrating our tools, bridging them into the REKALL ecosystem, and using NFTs as a gateway.

Tooling Up Our Capabilities and Services

REKALL will widely expand our services, and over the past few months, we have been working on developing tools to help creators and investors to engage in the NFT market more efficiently.

Our team is developing a tool to turn your art into extraordinary NFTs in one click. With the introduction of the REKALL Creator Incubation Program (RCIP), it is an excellent time for creators on REKALL. We will be creating an easy-to-use tool for artists to convert their artworks into NFTs without intense knowledge of complicated blockchain knowledge on their own.

After the transition, creators will be able to list their NFTs on REKALL directly, or they can listen to their NFT on other platforms like OpenSea, x2y2, etc. on their own. Our execution process goes through a full cycle starting from early stage communication to release. We provide transparent processing ahead of time to avoid any surprises down the road.

REKALL will be a one-stop shop for NFT creators. We provide a seamless hand-holding experience tailored to provide end-to-end assistance. We strive to provide convenient services to the NFT market and deepen the advantages of the primary market.

Add Multi-Chain Support

one significant hiccup with NFT projects is that they are usually minted and developed on one or two blockchains at the most. This approach has led to several constraints such as a lack of interoperability--the sharing and access of data between two networks. Fortunately, these issues will be resolved by REKALL, we are now working on creating an NFT multi-chain platform, which can help nurture innovations and remove restrictions in the NFT space that have hindered the trade of these digital assets so far.

Benefits of Multi-chain NFT marketplace:

  • Seamless connectivity

  • Traverse across different networks

  • Unique abilities of Multiple networks

  • Low gas fee

  • Supports trading in multiple networks.

REKALL wants to empower the multi-chain NFT marketplace, we are here to redefine NFT marketplaces. We are an avant-garde multi-chain marketplace for minting and staking crypto-collectibles seamlessly.

Look Forward to Our Future

Anything can be an NFT, NFT’s diverse use cases and unique tracts can be attributed to its growing scope for innovation and developing infrastructure. In the future, NFTs that are listed on REKALL will be diverse, paintings, music, game props, video, GIFs, and more.

We see NFT secondary market is promising and provides more use cases for more users. REKALL in the future will support NFT secondary market where collectors can trade amongst each other. We are on the road of the NFT journey, and the market is maturing: We expect to see a future where many things will evolve into NFTs.

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