The Next Big Thing: REKALL Marketplace

We have witnessed an explosive growth of NFTs, including a range of NFT projects that are listed on REKALL. The demand for an open NFT marketplace is increasing, in need of a secondary market for the REKALL ecosystem.

The tremendous moment of REKALL ecosystem expansion has come! Meet the grand, lucrative, and remarkable launch of REKALL NFT Marketplace with the lowest commission fee of 1% on the BNB Chain! This will be a significant release in REKALL history which will bring new opportunities for NFT trade for users from all over the globe. NFT is not just digital art, it is the way to level up crypto assets, show talent, and explore DeFi which expands with furious speed.

We believe that communities of NFT creators that are emerging will be able to flourish in an open marketplace. REKALL will have an opportunity to attract a wide audience of NFT enthusiasts interested in utilizing its negligible transaction costs, and high speeds.

What is REKALL Marketplace?

REKALL marketplaces allow users to buy and sell their own NFTs. REKALL aims to develop a one-stop platform and we are now developing REKALL marketplace to provide liquidity for collector's NFT. If your NFT is staked on REKALL, you will be able to unstake first, then sell your NFTs on REKALL Marketplace.

Creators and collectors can harness the powerful potential behind REKALL Marketplace, compared to traditional collecting, NFT secondary markets provide a frictionless experience with guaranteed authenticity.

Connecting Creators and Collectors

The power of blockchain lies in its transparency, and once a creator and collector are tied to a REKALL NFT, their relationship is on the record. Because of that, both parties are now connected in their desire to champion the value of the NFT.

Providing Liquidity for NFTs

One of the greatest impediments to NFTs right now, at least in the world of crypto, is lack of liquidity and the ability to earn an ROI on your NFT without selling it. REKALL solves these problems by innovating the Stake NFT to Earn mechanism and providing a marketplace where users can trade freely.

Competitive Advantages of REKALL

REKALL is an open marketplace for NFT artists, enthusiasts, and collectors. Rekall Marketplace will be beneficial to both NFT creators and collectors.

Lowest Rates in NFT Marketplaces

Rekall is an open NFT marketplace with the lowest rates in the trading markets on BNB Chain. Users can buy and sell NFTs on REKALL smoothly with a low commission fee.

Sell NFTs with Your Project Tokens

Rekall is the only marketplace that can list NFTs with the project's own tokens. The process is simple and straightforward. It will be the best platform to boost your project.

Full Package of Customized Services

Rekall Launchpad is the best place to kickstart NFT projects, with minting services and collection homepages. REKALL is a one-stop station to create, list, and sell your NFTs.

Over time, as the technology develops and exponentially more NFTs are minted, sold, and resold, we believe that REKALL Marketplace will continue to grow—with positive impacts compounding for artists and collectors, and will bring monumental changes to industries far beyond the art market.

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