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We recently hosted our AMA with Futures Foundation. Most of the community members joined, but some were not available to attend. In order to learn more about our REKALL platform. We have compiled all the highlights of this AMA into transcripts for those who missed the session. And this is the Part 2 of our AMA

Q@REKALL: What is the business strategy of REKALL?

REKALL: REKALL uses an innovative model of multiple ecosystems: Featured NFTs + DAO + Multi-chain Swap + EKA The platform operates as:

  1. Author/organization DAO presents artwork to REAKLL, who selects high-quality works for community voting.
  2. DAO members vote for their favorite artist, and the work voted for will receive the energy minting of the REKALL platform.
  3. During the period, Swapit offers users the ability to exchange any mainstream cryptocurrency and NFT, allowing users to exchange assets.
  4. Users can buy NFT directly in the innovation market for collectibles and mining revenues.
  5. When the NFT mining energy is used up, the user can trade the collection in the marketplace or other markets, in order to obtain the value of the secondary circulation.

Q@REKALL: What is the ecosystem of REKALL?

REKALL: REKALL NFT Creative Platform + REKALL DAO + Swapit + REKALL Foundation.

  1. REKALL NFT creation platform: provides NFT shelf, energy minting, energy mining, trading, and other functions.
  2. REKALL DAO: A governance organization with committees and foundations as its main subject. DAO organizations have the right to vote and govern the ecological development of the platform. There are investor DAO, creator/organization DAO, Curator DAO, and Community Promotion DAO, and all participants vote to decide the decision-making mechanism of major issues on the REKALL platform.
  3. Swapit: Multi-chain Swap is a decentralized cross-chain exchange and liquidity provision aggregate. Swapit is both a stand-alone Dex and an important cross-link tool in the REKALL ecosystem. First, Swapit is a highly efficient cross-link trading platform for mass users, with its own decentralized drainage channels, it drains the value out of itself, but it also drains the REKALL ecology, creating a massive flow hub, and as the overall development, Swapit upgraded to version 2.0, more cross-chain mobility providers will be introduced to provide a one-stop cross-chain service for more users and projects.
  4. REKALL Foundation: serves as the REKALL NFT incubator in REKALL, dedicated to the cultivation and incubation of NFT artists, providing “One Click On-Chain” for artwork and artists, giving traditional paintings a second life.

Q@REKALL: What is REKALL's NFT energy card?

REKALL: REKALL Energy Power Smart Contracts give REKALL Power (RP) to excellent NFTs, providing them with more liquidity and additional rewards by increasing RP. Allowing investors, collectors, and creators will be able to gain more revenue through the REKALL power (RP). The REKALL platform has designed the NFT Energy Bonus Card to increase the energy value of the NFT card and to reward users who have contributed to the development and building of the platform's ecosystem.

Q@REKALL: What is RP?

REKALL: RP is REKALL Power, which refers to the mining power that the REKALL platform empowers to the art collection

Q@REKALL: what is the value of REKALL Power (RP)?


  1. The REKALL Power (RP) gives mining energy to the NFT artwork.
  2. The REKALL Power (RP) has NFT artwork value and circulation value.
  3. The REKALL Power (RP) can be traded on REKALL or a third-party NFT marketplace.

Q@REKALL: What is EKA?

REKALL: EKA is the native token for REKALL, a digital asset based on the Binance Smart Chain, is an integral part of the REKALL ecosystem, which can be used to participate in the NFT voting, and the holder has the right of first refusal to purchase NFT, and can also be used to participate in the REKALL system governance.

Q@REKALL: What are the benefits of EKA holders?


  1. Stake and earn revenue at high-interest rates.
  2. Purchase exclusive NFT.
  3. Participate in REKALL system governance.
  4. EKA long-term holders can participate in platform equity dividends.

Q@REKALL: What is the value of EKA?


  1. EKA is REKALL NFT energy card minting fuel, which has REKALL energy card economic value and NFT attribute value.
  2. REKALL NFT trading platform all works need to pay EKA as a commission when trading on the platform.
  3. EKA holders can get a cross-chain Swap fee discount for EKA.
  4. Long-term EKA holders will be able to enjoy REKALL equity returns.

Q@REKALL: How to earn EKA?

REKALL: All NFT energy cards can be used to stake and earn rewards through a smart contract.

REKALL: The number of days of revenue is determined by the number of energy values of the NFT energy card, 180 energy values can earn 180 days of revenue. The Staking Smart contract will be activated by consuming REKALL Power (RP) to mint EKA, each NFT energy card will consume 1 energy value for each staked day (the more energy value, the more EKA will be produced) and NFT energy cards cannot be redeemed until the energy value is consumed during the staking process.

Q@REKALL: What's the promotion mechanism for REKALL?

REKALL: REKALL has two levels of promotion mechanism: Level 1 Invitation: Invited user will be rewarded with RRP, 20% of RP for staking NFT. Level 2 Invitation: Invited users will be rewarded with RRP, 10% of RP for Staking NFT. REKALL Referral Point (RRP) is the invitee's promotional performance reward and is only used for minting NFT exclusive energy cards.

Q@REKALL: What is REKALL Referral Point (RRP)?

REKALL: RRP is the reward card for completing the promotion task. It is used to mint NFT bonus energy card to get more rewards

Q@REKALL: What are the ways to obtain REKALL Referral Point (RRP)?


  1. Collect a set of NFT card series.
  2. Participate in the REKALL promotion program.
  3. Complete other REKALL tasks.

Q@REKALL: How to use the REKALL Referral Point (RRP)?


  1. RRP energy warrant can only be used if the user has one or more NFTs in staking status.
  2. RRP energy warrants are used to exchange for NFT bonus energy cards.
  3. NFT bonus energy cards also have initial energy value and can participate in stake mining.
  4. RRP energy warrant and RP value (energy value) exchange ratio is 1:1

Q@REKALL: What are the competitive advantages of REKALL?


  1. REKALL platform does not hold currency, all the tokens are open and transparent through the contract output chain records.
  2. The initial REKALL energy card raised U all for the establishment of the trading pool, the trading pool LP third platform TEAM permanently locked.
  3. REKALL energy card mechanism to effectively increase the value of NFT, NFT energy value consumed also has artistic value, liquidity, energy warrant properties, etc.
  4. REKALL energy card minting mechanism consumes the same value of EKA, token price high destruction less increase revenue, token low destruction more effective pull up the price of tokens.
  5. EKA limit deflation each minting destruction up to 85% fast effective deflation.
  6. EKA token production mechanism token price rise or fall affects EKA block production, token price fall production high to ensure revenue, token price up to hoard tokens gain more.

Q: Time for wrapping up, any last words would you like to say to our community?

REKALL: Thank you very much for the support of Futures Foundation, which provides us with a lot of help. Futures Foundation has experience in this field of crypto-digital, and we hope that with our joint efforts, we can make REKALL better and make REKALL a gathering place for NFT creators in the future!

FC: I hope all of you learn something from this AMA event, and we hope you can participate and explore REKALL. There is an upcoming event of REKALL NFT Pre-sale, which will start on May 29, 4 pm GMT+8, take the chance, feel free to learn more by visiting their official channels.

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