Rekall's Upgrade and Larger Ecosystem Build

Rekall has recorded tremendous development progress in the past month. Our team has refined several features across the ecosystem. In the following weeks, Rekall is rolling out a range of exciting upgrades that will enhance ecosystem growth and allow users to enjoy a more diverse NFT experience.


We are excited to announce that in order to expand the NFT ecosystem, re-invents new features for NFT creators to publish their artworks. Rekall provides a 100% code-free tool for creators to publish NFT collections and provides an easy interface.

The brand new aims to provide an essential and easy-to-use tool for NFT creators, it provides an all-in-one NFT smart contract deployment and minting tool. creators can simply upload the artwork and complete the setups on Rekall, and we will automatically deploy the smart contract, generate Dapps to mint and sell NFTs, and host the mint page.

Moreover, will support both BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum Network, while remaining the support for BNB smart chain, Rekall is moving closer to the mainstream of the NFT ecosystem- Ethereum Network; to use this service, Reakll will charge a one-time service fee, the rates will be displayed on the website and adjusted accordingly. provides a variety of functions suitable for NFT scenarios, it is the one-stop solution to all your publishing needs. It will be one of the easiest ways to turn your art into digital collectibles that are ready for the blockchain, you forget you’re interacting with a complicated blockchain.

Refining Referral Program

We will also upgrade the staking NFT to earn EKA rewards mechanism; the NFTs will not be limited to Rekall’s NFTs, but will further cover most of the NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain, Also, a referrer is no longer required when staking NFT for the first time.

Rekall Referral Program played an important role in Rekall’s early stage, however, as Rekall enters the next stage of its journey, we believe it is time for a change! Therefore, the referral Program will have the following upgrades:

  • No need to enter the referrer’s wallet address to participate in stake NFTs to earn rewards program.

  • Referral performance is no longer required to claim your EKA rewards.

  • RRP rewards will be terminated. Issued RRP will be automatically converted to EKA and distributed to the corresponding wallet address.

EKA Tokenomics 3.0

Rekall team will continue to invest in R&D to provide better liquidity tools for NFT creators and continuously cover more blockchain. As a result, EKA tokenomics will also usher in the 3.0 era. These exciting changes include:

  • EKA will also be distributed on Ethereum Network.

  • Significantly burn EKA in the NFT staking mining pool based on the distribution and circulation of EKA on the BNB Smart Chain.

  • All of’s revenue will be used on the buyback process of EKA.

Rekall is leading to a more vibrant NFT ecosystem. With the reinvention and upgrade of Rekall’s ecosystem, the Rekall family will have three main members:

We will keep you posted on Rekall’s Twitter about the progress of the work and details of the upgrade. Stay tuned!

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