Open Call for Relation Community Name & Mascot Design Ideas

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The Relation Community has been supporting and witnessing the development of the Web3 social graph infrastructure built by Relation. It’s a thriving community with great creativity. In previous campaigns, such as Adventure NFT Creation, Insight Writing, and Meme Design, community members have shown their talents and abilities in creating original content with excellent ideas.

It’s also a fast-developing community with a fair degree of autonomy. In the Relation Ambassador Program, a group of Trainees has entered their favorite interest groups to contribute to the community while evolving their position in the Web3 world. The community members are also very active and helpful in exchanging ideas and welcoming newcomers.

We’re proud that so many creative, active, and talented people have gathered in the Relation community, which has great possibilities to merge into a future DAO to co-build the Decentralized Society!

What’s Next?

The stars in the Galaxy get connected into constellations, forming diverse shapes, unique names, and legends. A sustainable community with vitality is like a healthy plant with strong roots (connected and interactive), only then can leaves, flowers, and fruits grow and impress the world with their beauty and abundance.

Therefore, to boost the development of the Relation Community, we not only need to carry the Relation Ambassador Program forward and train more talents but also unite community members around a consensus we all share.

Symbols are good mediums to express the spirits and ideas of the community. Therefore, we propose to create a unique name and mascot for the community!

Spiritual Symbols

Creating a name and a mascot representing and sharing by the whole community is a great way to unite every member together.

For example, many KPOP groups will select a name and a representative color for their fans. Some Web2 Social Platforms will also give a nickname and mascot to their users.

However, in the DeSoc (Decentralized Society), we think the ownership of the community should be given back to the community members. That’s why we call for ideas from all the community members to create a name and mascot for the community.

Community Name & Mascot


To boost the development of science and technology on the homeworld, an expedition team of humans — Spearheads, who have the most foresight and the strongest strength, left the Web2 world and started an adventure in Web3 space.

The Relation Community is where the Spearheads gather to build a base and continue the adventure in Web3 Space. They are the pioneers who aim to promote everyone’s participation in building the future DeSoc based on Relation Social Graph.

Relation Social Graph has been built and will be built according to Roadmap from Planet to Omniverse. The Relation Community will continue to grow in the Web3 Space following the Roadmap.


You can provide your ideas for the Relation Community Name & Mascot in any style you like! But to give you a hint, the name and mascot of the Relation Community could be more futuristic, creative, and impressive, with a clear image and good meaning! You can take the images below for reference. However, we believe your imagination is way beyond!


The community name and mascot will be used to call the whole community and every single community member. The name could be used by others and also by community members yourselves.

How to Join?


Duration: 9th February — 9th March 2023

First-round Voting will be held through google form at Relation Party on 11th March 2023 to pick 10 ideas from each of the two tracks.

Second-round Voting will be held on 14th March to pick the final winner in the two tracks through Twitter Poll.


Track One | Concept

1. To join the first track, please add a reply to this Tweet in the following format (Required: @relationlabs, #Concept, Community Name, Concept Image, Reason, Relation ID)

2. Send your reply tweet link to reply to the themed post in the forum >>

Track Two | Visualization

1. You can create an original image for the Relation Community Mascot. Also, you can try the latest AI Drawing technology to generate an image you like for the Mascot.

Try with DALL·E 2:

2. To join the second track, please add a reply to this Tweet in the following format (Required: @relationlabs, #Visualization, Image, Reason, Relation ID)

3. Send your reply tweet link to reply to the themed post in the forum >>


1. To reward you for providing valuable ideas, we will issue a Creator Medal SBT for all the qualified participants. (Sent to your Relation ID, and can be claimed on the Medal Wall in Relation >>

2. 150U will be rewarded to the winner on Track One; 250U will be rewarded to the winner on Track Two.

3. The winners will have a prior say in constructing the future community image building.


Please drop your question in the forum for this campaign, the team and mods will help answer your question as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to knowing your wonderful ideas for building the Relation Community together!

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