Relation Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2023 Semantic Gift| Relation Bi-Weekly Report Vol.20

Relation New Year Meme Festival

Relation New Year Meme Festival will be held soon in Relation Discord Server to provide community members a platform to share their meme creations and win the Creator Medal SBT. Stay tuned!

Product & Dev Updates


Relation One DApp

  • Relation Medal System has completed the upgrade. All the Relation Medals could be minted into SBTs in Relation ONE to help users record their achievements permanently on chain.

  • An event page for Relation Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2023 Semantic SBT Gift giveaway has been released for participants to mint exclusive Festival SBT.

  • The first version of SoulDrop has gone live. SoulDrop is a raffle tool based on Semantic SBTs. We have finished the first SoulDrop raffle — the Christmas Eve SoulDrop Raffle on the SoulDrop page.

  • The Beta version of SoulScan has gone live. SoulScan is an exclusive explorer for Semantic SBTs.

Work in Progress

  • The Semantic SBT Bazaar and SoulDrop will be continuously optimized and upgraded to provide better SBT claiming experience.

  • The Semantic SBT Mint Tool, SoulScan, SoulDrop and Bazaar will be open source for the public in the next phase.

Marketing & Community


  • Relation Party #32 was held on 17th December in Relation Discord Server. Jessica, Founder of Relation, and Nori, Moderator of Metaani attended the Party. Link>>

  • Honours Achievement NFT Pass has been open for claiming since 18th December 2022. Honours Achievement NFT Pass will be another important proof of membership and participation of Relation community. Link>>

  • Relation and Tearing Space co-hosted a partnership giveaway on 19th giveaway on Twitter. Link>>

  • The .bit ✖️ Relation SubDID account airdrop has been finished on 20th December. More than 900 users have got the .relation.bit SubDID account. Link>>

  • Relation Talk #8 was hosted on 21st December and gathered speakers from 4EVERLAND, everVision, Arweave and to discuss on Identity, Social & Permanent Storage on Arweave. Link>>

  • The Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2023 Semantic SBT gift has been released since 22nd December for Relation community members and partners to commemorate the year of 2022. Link>>

  • Relation Medals have been upgraded to Semantic SBTs on 23rd December . Now Relation users could mint their medals into SBTs and store the medals permanently on chain. Link>>

  • The Christmas Eve SoulDrop raffle was held on UTC 00:00 25th December. The SoulDrop page has been first released and offered multiple rewards for Web3 Football Carnival SBT holders. Link>>

  • Relation and TaskON co-hosted a holiday special giveaway on 30th December to celebrate the 2023 new year. Link>>


  • An article titled Soulbound Journals — The New Paradigm of Identification and Verification in Web3 was published in Coindesk to introduce Relation’s pioneering work of Semantic SBTs and Soulbound Journals. Link>>

  • The recap of Relation Talk #7 was released on 18th December to record the ideas of speakers from Unstoppable Domains, EDNS Domains, .bit and Litentry on DID and Their Social Intersections. Link>>

  • The winner list and reward list of Web3 Football Carnival was announced on 20th December. Link>>


  • 0N1 Force Club has been established since 23rd December. The 0N1 Force are 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence. Link>>

  • The integration of PNS has been finished in Relation ONE. Relation will keep supporting the Polkadot ecosystem in the long run. Link>>

  • The Metaani DNA Club has been created since 28th December. Metaani DNS is the first Japanese 3D avatar NFT collection. Link>>

About Relation

Relation is building a Web3 social graph infrastructure that will host the next generation of billions of DApps, and empower souls and communities to co-build reputation and a better society on Web3 with SBTs and relationship data. Relation has launched Web3 social Dapp Relation ONE and the Semantic SBT standard which will create a chain native data layer that is easy to query, share and reuse with lower friction.

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