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From the beginning of Relation Ambassador Program Phase 1, we have received 117 applications and selected 23 Ambassador trainees to join the program in 7 interest groups, including Translation, Content & Research, Design, Video, Moderation, Promotion, Activities & Operations.

In the past 4 months, we have witnessed the growth of 5 Trainees into Junior Ambassadors and 17 Trainees into skilled ambassador candidates. The Ambassadors and Trainees have made great achievements including: providing Chinese, Japanese and Russian translation for official content; generating recap for Relation Talk to spread the insightful ideas further; producing videos for Relation Bi-weekly Report and User Guide; being responsible for discord moderation and ticket support; making proposals for community events and local meetup; promoting Relation brand and community events; and assisting in design work.

Now, Relation Ambassador Program Phase 2 is open for application! For this round of the ambassador program, we prefer to see more applicants from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America, especially countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, US and Australia.


Since April 2022, Relation has started our journey in the Web3 world and made great achievements: we’ve encountered a group of business partners and faithful users around the globe; we’ve earned a place in the Social Graph field and been welcomed by more and more users; we’ve established 3.2M+ social nodes & 10.8M+ social connections and stored millions of NFT data sources and indexing addresses; we’ve also established partnerships with 90+ excellent Web3 teams. All the efforts and achievements will boost the development of Web3.0 social graph.

The application of Web3.0 Social Graph is still in the early stages of exploration. Relation team is deeply inspired by the paper titled Decentralized Society: Finding the Web3’s Soul co-authored by Vitalik Buterin, and is making significant changes in our new round of exploration to provide a set of programmable Semantic SBT minting tools and a SBT protocol standard for all the Web3 users and developers. Through the non-transferability and weak financial attributes of Semantic SBTs, we hope to unveil the whole picture of a personal profile and social existence by adding descriptions to the metadata based on W3C standard. We think it’s a key factor in making Web3 social graph more attractive and sustainable. And, of course, We will also extend the use of semantic SBT to include more social proof of relationships, such as qualifications, affiliations, commitments, reputations and more into Semantic SBTs. For more understanding of Semantic SBTs from Relation, please read Semantic SBTs: Encode Social Relationships on Web3 and Soulbound Journals — The New Paradigm of Identification and Verification in Web3.

At this right moment, we are eager to embrace more talented, passionate and insightful people to join us to spread Relation’s vision, expand Relation’s brand influence and empower Relation to become the next generation of Web3 social graph infrastructure. In the next 5–10 years, we hope all the Web3 projects could benefit from adopting the Relation Semantic SBT standard and tools to achieve their business success.

Who can join?

  • Those who love and recognize the value of Relation’s brand

  • Those who love to share, communicate and build social relationships with others

  • Those who can grow with Relation in the long run and desire to participate in and influence the development of Relation

  • Those who have special talents in marketing, community development or management, user education, writing, translation, design, coding, video production, integrating industry resources, etc


Ambassador NFT Pass with Exclusive Rewards

Holding the official Ambassador NFT Pass, the higher the rank, you will get the higher levels of benefits. You will have a priority in joining the brand events and specific activities to get special rights and different rewards. You will also have an opportunity to be a member of the official DAO in the future.

Honor & Achievements with Higher Personal Influence

You will enjoy the honor of becoming an official Ambassador for Relation. Relation will issue Proofs of Ambassadors SBTs to prove your achievements in the Web3 industry. You can also accumulate community experience and marketing skills to enhance your personal impact in the crypto world.

In Close Touch with Information Frontier & Professional Guidance

You will get close contact with pioneer builders of Web3 Social Graph and the team of idealists to know project development plans ahead of others, and obtain professional guidance & resource support, including materials, prizes, information, and etc. By entering the exclusive group for the ambassadors and participating in regular meetings, your feedback might influence the future development of Relation.

Ambassador Growth Path

The growth path of Relation Ambassador is divided into 3 levels. After your application for Relation Ambassador is approved, you will become a Relation Ambassador Trainee and are able to earn higher levels of honor and rewards by taking corresponding tasks and responsibilities. More details are only open to Relation Ambassador Candidates.

Level-1 Junior Ambassador

  • Completing open tasks to accumulate points

  • To get a Proof of Junior Ambassador SBT & Discord Role and an NFT Pass for Junior Ambassadors after gaining a certain amount of points

Level-2 Senior Ambassador

  • Completing open tasks to accumulate points and guide Junior Ambassadors on completing tasks

  • To get a Proof of Senior Ambassador SBT & Discord Role, an NFT Pass for Senior Ambassadors and 200U bonus per month

Level-3 Lifetime Ambassador

  • Completing appointed tasks, guiding Junior & Senior Ambassadors on completing tasks, and working independently as a trainer, activity planner and meeting organizer, etc

  • To get a Proof of Lifetime Ambassador SBT & Discord Role, an NFT Pass for Lifetime Ambassadors, 500U bonus per month and Relation Token rewards in the future

    If you think you’re qualified for Relation Ambassador, please submit your application here. (Application Form:

After successful submission, you can enter the #-Open-ticket channel at Relation Discord server to claim the Trainee role and become a candidate for Relation Ambassador.

The second round of application for the Relation Ambassador Program will last from 21st February to 21st March 2023. We sincerely welcome you to join us and grow with Relation together!

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