Introducing Relay Receiver

There are many times where a user sees a wallet address or ENS name on a page and wants to send a message to that address--NFT sales, POAP events, DAO activities, etc--yet the website has no form of chat and there’s no way to find the user elsewhere.

Introducing Relay Receiver, a no-code wallet chat that websites can implement to easily establish web3 communication between two users or between a user and the site.

Importantly, Receiver keeps users on-site for messaging. It eliminates the common case of someone leaving and then never completing a signup or finishing a trade.

As Receiver is connected to the website, it allows notifications and updates to be sent directly to the user wallet.

Building with XMTP always means wallet chat is encrypted and decentralized. Using Receiver means a website is wired up with all web3 users, everywhere, automatically.

Three common use-cases for Receiver:

  • Lets web3 sites enable their users to easily chat, connect, and conduct business without having to build their own chat and database
  • Lets web2 sites become web3 integrated and offer features to wallet users, saving a lot of work with sign-in flow to their UI
  • Has Intercom-like functionality with Receiver Pro, establishing support agent workflows for interacting with web3 users (chat bot support coming soon!)

We think every site could use wallet chat and Receiver will be the easiest way to add it. The release is open-source as an npm package, and while it’s as easy to install as a single React Component, we’re here to help if you need it.

Follow @relay_eth on Twitter to stay informed, join our Discord here, or try out Relay now and message us at

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