6529 Complaints Genesis


We don't think that there exists any human being who has never complained about something or the other. Along the same veins in our beloved NFT ecosystem, we see complaints daily on Twitter, Discord, etc. There's always a reason behind grievances (reasonable, unreasonable - it's not for us to judge), but often there's a negative sentiment attached to it. We want to change that by making it fun, memeable (if that's a word) while still communicating grievances in a more positive manner and commemorating it on the Ethereum blockchain.

What’s 6529 / Who’s 6529?

Chances are that you’re already familiar with 6529 and the projects they’ve started. If you’re not, we’d recommend reading or getting to know more here :

6529 Ecosystem
6529 Ecosystem

Genesis of 6529 Complaints

We'll focus on 'The Memes' ecosystem here because that's where most of this starts. If you're not aware, per the description on website :

'The Memes Collection is focused on the fight for the open metaverse (decentralization, community, self-sovereignty) and spreading this message. We want many people, many wallets spreading this message.'

The collection comprises of art from various emerging and established artists in various categories. Sharing them below :

Now that you've browsed some beautiful art let us get back to the genesis of 6529 complaints. As the adoption of meme cards grew and the demand for buying them increased, a classic situation of supply v/s demand kicked in where demand was higher than supply.

6529 team has done an amazing job trying to be fair and mixing up distribution methods, but you can’t keep everyone happy all the time, and someone or the other had an issue with the drop mechanism, and often it was shared on Twitter or OM discord. Observing this as a community member, I (blocknoob) went ahead and registered 6529complaints.eth and essentially shared it as an inbox for folks to mint their complaints on the blockchain and send it to this address to browse v/s sharing it on centralized servers. It was mainly for fun and culture.

ENS Registration
ENS Registration

What started as a joke essentially took a life of its own in the discord server.

Here we are now. Sharing the genesis story of 6529complaints.


What’s next ?

Given that its has been just 3 days, most of it has been going with the flow but here are some brief thoughts and ideas that we’ve thought about*

Complaint Inbox - 6529complaints.eth

For the culture, anyone can feel free to mint an NFT and send it to 6529complaints.eth. We’ve received around 10 complaints so far. Sharing some of them below -


Now why would someone mint a complaint, a meme NFT and send it to 6529complaints.eth.

  • For the culture

  • For the laughs

  • Hopefully we can get a space/gallery within OM to showcase these

  • 6529 may or may not look at these

  • To actually share your complaint and commemorate it on the blockchain

Complaint Twitter - 6529complaints.eth

If you don’t follow us yet, please take a moment to do so 6529complaints

Tag us in any complaints you see on centralized systems (even if they aren’t related to 6529), this twitter account is for the memes, for laughs, for embarrassing stories and of-course for the complaints.

Complaint Rememe Ecosystem*

One thing we’d like to align to is onboarding new users (be it collectors or artists) furthering the goal of Open Metaverse. For this, we plan to approach curated NFT drops just like the memes ecosystem.

Complaint rememe ecosystem will have its own domains like the memes do. More details to come on this in coming hours/days.

If you’re an artist, be on the lookout.

Last but not the least : Shoutout to seizerdao for giving us a channel in the seizerdao discord.


*All subject to change since its very preliminary and it has been less than a few days to even process that all this is happening.

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