$REZ Airdrop and ezPoints Season 2


  • Season 2 will run for three months

  • Season 2 represents 5% of supply (500M $REZ tokens)

  • Season 1 participants will receive a 10% additional boost

  • New ezPoints rewards for key DeFi partners

  • Starting April 30th at 11:00 UTC, users will have 30 days to claim their $REZ at claim.renzoprotocol.com

ezPoints Season 2

Starting with our launch in January, Renzo has unlocked native restaking on 7 networks (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Blast, Linea, Mode, Base and BNB Smart Chain) and has been the first restaking protocol to introduce both native ETH and LST deposits, with stETH and wBETH comprising $110m+ of the TVL within 2 weeks of launch.

The Season 2 campaign aims to support this continued growth, reward early users, and increase utility and distribution for ezETH holders on all networks we support. The Season 2 campaign will represent an additional 5% of the total supply (500M $REZ) distributed to our community and will run for three months until July 26th.

ezPoints Boost

With a new campaign beginning on Friday, April 26th, Season 2 will have boosted points for holders of ezETH in user wallets and in supported ezETH DeFi integrations, which can be viewed on the Renzo DeFi page.

Season 1 participants who maintain or increase their ezETH balance in Season 2 will receive a 10% additional boost on their entire ezPoints balance for Season 2 participation.

New Rewards

We’re proud to have the most integrated Liquid Restaking Token in the space with 100+ DeFi integrations across 7 chains, and as we continue to focus on providing utility for ezETH holders, a new season brings new opportunities for boosted rewards across key liquidity partners:

Pendle - 4x ezPoints boost

     ETH (Dec 25 2024 expiry)

     BNB (Sep 25 2024 expiry)

     ARB (Jun 26 2024 expiry)

Balancer / Aura - 4x ezPoints boost

     Balancer ETH ezETH/wETH

     Balancer ARB ezETH/wstETH

     Aura ETH ezETH/wETH

Curve - 4x ezPoints boost

     ETH ezETH/wETH

     BNB ezETH/ETH

Thruster / Hyperlock / Juice - 4x ezPoints boost

     Thruster ezETH/wETH

     Hyperlock ezETH/wETH

     Juice ezETH V3 LP Vault

Kim Exchange - 4x ezPoints boost


Nile - 4x ezPoints boost



Starting April 30th at 11:00 UTC, 1 hour before the Binance listing, the Season 1 airdrop claim window will open. Users will have 30 days to claim their $REZ at claim.renzoprotocol.com. Any unclaimed $REZ tokens will be added to the Season 2 airdrop.

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