REZ Token Launch

Note: Updated April 24th, 19:30 EST

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April 26th marks the end of Renzo's Season 1 ezPoints campaign, where we've seen immense growth in active users and TVL. Renzo makes restaking ez for everyone!

Some of the highlights of Season 1:

  • $3.5b in deposits

  • 33.5% Restaking Market Share

  • Top 10 DeFi protocol by TVL

  • 250k+ users

Since our launch in January, Renzo has become the most liquid and widely distributed liquid restaking protocol. Unlocking native restaking on 7 networks (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Blast, Linea, Mode, Base and BNB Smart Chain), ezETH on L2s accounts for 24% of total Renzo’s TVL.  In addition, Renzo is the first restaking protocol to introduce both native ETH and LST deposits, with stETH and wbETH comprising $110m+ of the TVL within 2 weeks of launch.

Some Key DeFi Integrations include:

We are excited to announce that April 30th, 2024 will mark the beginning of the decentralization of the Renzo Protocol, with the launch of Renzo’s native token, REZ.

This post outlines:

  • Renzo Seasons

  • Claiming REZ

  • REZ Distribution Conditions

  • REZ Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

  • REZ Utility

  • Season 2 Details

  • FAQs

Renzo Seasons

Season 1 will conclude on April 26th. A user's eligibility is based on the ezPoints balance in their wallet at time of snapshot, regardless of their current ezETH balance.

REZ can be claimed from April 30th, 2024, with the largest wallets holding greater than 500k ezPoints being subject to a 50% unlock at TGE and 50% linear, vesting over 3 months.

The minimum qualification for airdrop eligibility is 360 ezPoints per wallet. Over 99% of the eligible wallets are fully unlocked at TGE.

A second season of incentives will begin on April 26th, 2024.

Claiming REZ

Renzo ezPoints will be used to distribute 700M REZ on April 30th, or 7% of the total supply of REZ, in a linear fashion according to each user's accumulated ezPoints.

Users can go to to claim their REZ on April 30th. Vested airdrop wallets can claim their tokens at the end of every month.

NOTE: The official Renzo claim link can be accessed via > “Claim REZ” in the navigation bar!  Do NOT click on any links from third parties.

REZ Distribution Conditions

The Season 1 airdrop will be a linear distribution in accordance with a user's ezPoints balance.

Renzo has worked with a third-party data analytics company to identify sybil wallets and has determined that a minimum number of ezPoints per wallet, as of the snapshot date, is required to qualify for a token distribution.

The largest wallets holding greater than 500k ezPoints will be subject to a 50% unlock at TGE and 50% linear vesting over 3 months.

Lastly, a small portion of the initial 7% airdrop,  0.1% of the total supply, has been allocated to the following communities:

The claims will be live for one month from eligibility, after which the unclaimed $REZ will go towards the Season 2 campaign.

REZ Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

Renzo is focused on the long-term growth of the protocol and its community; thus, a vesting schedule will be applied to the largest airdrop recipients to align long-term incentives with the Renzo community.

The vesting is intended to reward longer-term participation. If a qualified user chooses to exit the ezETH ecosystem early, their unvested rewards may be shared with other loyal users to increase the loyal users' share of the airdrop who continue to participate.


Ticker: $REZ

Contract: 0x3B50805453023a91a8bf641e279401a0b23FA6F9

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 1,150,000,000

  1. Fundraising: 31.56%

    1. The Fundraise allocation represents token rights obtained by investors backing Renzo’s early development

    2. Investor tokens are subject to a total 2 year lock - 1 year cliff followed by 10% unlock and 1 year linear monthly vesting thereafter

  2. Community: 32%

    1. Allocated to developing and supporting the growth of the Renzo ecosystem

    2. The first 7% represents the portion of REZ distributed to Renzo users for Season 1 of the ezPoints Campaign

    3. The remainder of the allocation will be used for various community campaigns, including 5% allocated towards the upcoming second season of the incentives campaign, as well as various cross-chain initiatives, etc.

  3. Core Contributors: 20%

    1. This portion of the REZ allocation represents the distribution to the Renzo Labs team and advisors who have worked on the protocol to bring ezETH to market.

    2. All core contributors are locked on a 1-year cliff with 2-year linear monthly vesting thereafter.  No core contributor tokens are unlocked before the 1 year cliff.

  4. Foundation: 12.44%

    1. The Foundation allocation will be used to fund initiatives that widen the reach of ezETH, such as: further development, risk assessments and audits
  5. Binance Launch Pool: 2.5%

  6. Liquidity: 1.5%

    1. Liquidity campaigns, exchange (CEX & DEX) partnerships, ecosystem partners, and market makers

REZ Utility

REZ will be used to vote on governance proposals on matters regarding the Renzo protocol, some of which will be key measures to the operations of the protocol, such as:

  1. General risk management frameworks

  2. Deposits, collateral assets, and concentration amounts

  3. Operator whitelisting

  4. Actively Validated Services (AVS) whitelisting

  5. Treasury and community grants

Season 2

Season 2 starts Friday, April 26th, 2024. All users in the ezETH ecosystem are eligible for points allocation in the new season.

Boost - Season 1 eligible wallets will receive a 10% additional boost for Season 2 participation. Further details on Season 2 will be announced shortly.


How do I claim my REZ?

Users can visit to claim their REZ beginning on April 30th, 2024.

NOTE this is the ONLY official Renzo claim link. If in doubt, please visit and proceed to the “Claim” tab directly. In the interest of caution, do not click on any links from third parties claiming to be associated with Renzo.****

Q: Why do smaller wallets receive no vesting conditions?

A: For users with a smaller wallet balance we wanted to acknowledge the higher gas fees required to participate in Renzo and minimize friction for users.

Q: Do I continue earning rewards after the 26th of April if I participated in Season 1?

A: Yes, a user's eligibility is based on the ezPoints balance in their wallet at time of snapshot. Season 1 users will continue to automatically earn ezPoints as long as they maintain their ezETH balance in their wallets or in any of Renzo’s DeFi integrations.

Q: Can I participate in Season 2 if I’m not eligible for Season 1 distributions?

A: Yes, users who did not participate in Season 1 will be able to accumulate points and participate in Season 2.

Q: Is all my REZ subject to vesting?

A: Only the largest wallets holding greater than 500k ezPoints will be subject to a 50% unlock at TGE and 50% linear vesting over 3 months.

Q: If I accumulated points via DeFi integrations, will my ezETH still be accounted for?

A: Yes, as long as you’re participating in the ezETH ecosystem (i.e. deposits in any of the Renzo DeFi integrations), you are allowed to move your ezETH between DeFi protocols.

Q: If I sell my ezETH before snapshot on April 26th, will I still be eligible for Season 1 airdrop?

A: Yes, if a user sells their ezETH before the snapshot and satisfies the minimum ezPoints criteria described above, they will remain eligible for the Season 1 airdrop.

Q: If I held Pendle YT positions that expire at 00:00 UTC on April 25th, will I still be eligible for the airdrop?

A: Yes, all Pendle YTs are eligible for airdrop as long as they satisfy the minimum ezPoints criteria.

Q: With regards to holding eligible NFTs for airdrop allocation, is the eligibility per NFT held or per wallet?

A: The airdrop allocated to NFTs will be distributed evenly amongst all NFT holders based on their share of the NFTs.

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