How to restake with Renzo

Renzo beta mainnet is live on 18th December 2023. The app allows users to deposit native ETH and get access to EigenLayer Restaked Points regardless of LST caps.

EigenLayer announced caps on LST restaking, however, native ETH restaking will remain uncapped. Typically, users need to set up and manage Ethereum validators and create EigenPods.

Renzo runs a distributed Ethereum validator infrastructure powered by Figment to enable unrestricted participation on Eigenlayer via native ETH restaking, abstracting away the infra setup.

Renzo users earn ETH staking yield, EigenLayer Restaked Points and Renzo points. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Go to the following URL to access the dapp:

  1. Connect Wallet

2. Switch to Ethereum Mainnet

3. Enter the amount of ETH you want to restake and click on confirm. Review the tx and confirm it.

4. Confirm on your wallet

5. After you click on Confirm, the transaction is submitted and you can check Etherscan

6. Go to the Portfolio tab to view your earned your EigenLayer Restaked points and staking rewards

Please feel free to hop into our discord for further questions or help. Or view our FAQ section in the docs.

Some additional info:

Transfers - ezETH transfers will be enabled in Jan 2024 making EigenLayer participation instantly liquid

Withdraw - Users could withdraw the deposited ETH following a cooldown period in Q1 2024

Claim - This feature will allow users to claim rewards generated within EigenLayer.

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