2nd Impression

Hello, my name is RH.
I've been in NFT Art Space for over a year. Some people might know me while others might not. Therefore today, I'd like to make an official self-introduction.

RH is my pen name. I'm from Thailand. Before joining NFT Space, I work as a freelance graphic designer and draw for fun. I wouldn't even call myself an artist.

Like many of us here, I am passionate in Japanese pop culture. I usually read manga, watch anime, and play video games (A LOT). I'm currently playing Final Fantasy XIV and Arknights.

some of my FFXIV and Arknights fan art
some of my FFXIV and Arknights fan art

I used to draw fan art as a hobby. The goal is so simple: to improve my drawing skills.

During the NFT market bull run last year, I was the one who was drawn to this space by money. what an insane amount of money for selling each NFT!? I have nothing to lose. I'm not famous. Why not give it a try? Of course, it wasn't as easy as I thought.

At first, I couldn't sell any of my works. I went to the Twitter Space of various groups. Many artists have come to tell their own stories. After hearing the stories of many people's lives, my attitude had changed.

Many challenges they faced were extremely difficult. Simply being able to stand here is a miracle. I myself am very fortunate. It made me realize that the artworks I saw had a real human being behind them. And those people, like us, have their own stories.

My work: My experience and passion for Japanese culture are the main sources of my inspiration.

There are two main original characters (OC) in my work. The first is S-chan, a gray-hair twintails girl. She is the protagonist who tells the story. S-Chan is based on one of my favorite anime characters from the Monogatari Series.

S-Chan and M-chan at Wakkanai
S-Chan and M-chan at Wakkanai

I was worried that S-chan would be lonely after drawing her for a while. So I created M-Chan to be her friend. The M in her name comes from Megane (Glasses) because I like glasses girls, period.

“s & m's Journey”, my main collection, was inspired by my trip to Japan. My favorite hobby is biking trips in Japan. Many of my works reflect real places and experiences that I have encountered.

← Trust me, it's really cold...
← Trust me, it's really cold...

Raining at Esanuka Line, for example, is fro

m when I was biking in the rain in Hokkaido. Onomichi II is from my trip to Shimanami Kaido.

I'm passionated by lighting--incident light in particular. This makes many of my works have a nighttime atmosphere. Aside from drawing, I also have motion graphics and rotoscope skills, which I frequently use in my work.

I'm a cat person, and I love the arcade game
I'm a cat person, and I love the arcade game

The most important thing I've learned since joining the NFT Art space is that now I felt a true excitement of creating art like I never felt before. I make new friends, discuss and exchange ideas. I draw whatever I want. And there are so many events, both good and bad, to keep the excitement going (LOL).

These have been my driving forces in challenging myself, and I have again and again pushed my artistic skill and boundary to create things beyond my limit.

No one knows what the future holds. But since it's so much fun, let's continue this journey together.

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