RhizomeDAO x Project Galaxy Happy New Year NFT Airdrop
February 3rd, 2022

Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate the Spring Festival and to thank all of RhizomeDAO's contributors and supporters over the past year, we will release some festive mystery box NFTs with Project Galaxy.

Here are the conditions to get a free chance to open a mystery box:

  1. RhizomeDAO Discord members (Addresses successfully registered on 31 December 2021)

  2. Holders of the POAPs distributed by RhizomeDAO’s and all Sub DAOs in 2021

  3. Players of the first Dark Forest community round hosted by Guild W and related events

  4. All contributors of Guild W in 2021

  5. Participants of all Guild W R&D Call 2021 sessions

  6. Supporters that have donated to Guild W development contributors' public goods by using Gitcoin (e.g. ZK Chat and Guild System in Dark Forest and DarkSea) (on-chain data snapshot at 24:00 UTC+8 on 24 December 2021)

  7. NFT collectors that have successfully completed at least one transaction on the on-chain NFT trading marketplaces DarkSea and RaritySea (on-chain data snapshot at 24:00 UTC+8 on 24 December 2021)

  8. RhizomeDAO Labs development contributors

  9. Users who have participated in Metaficate Testing

  10. Mirror Curator DAO members (on-chain data snapshot: 24:00 UTC+8 on 24 December 2021)

  11. Mirror authors whose articles are curated in the Mirror Curator DAO Weekly Review (on-chain data snapshot: 24:00 UTC+8 24 December 2021)

  12. NodeChaser members (on-chain data snapshot on: 31 Jan 2021 24:00 UTC+8)

  13. 223 DAO Members

  14. Holders of any DAppChaser official POAP (on-chain data snapshot at 24:00 on 31 January 2021)

  15. EM3DAO High Table Group members (on-chain data napshot: 24:00 UTC+8 24 December 2021)

  16. Core contributors to Web3 BUIDLer Fund

  17. All KOLs, partner projects, media and community friends who have supported RhizomeDAO and any SubDAO

  18. Winners of the RhizomeDAO Twitter Retweet Campaign (10)

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If you are a contributor or supporter of any of the above types, please check if your address is included:

If you have any questions, please communicate with the volunteers on the #support channel of RhizomeDAO Discord server by 22:00 (UTC+8) on 4 February 2022.


为了庆祝春节,也为了感谢RhizomeDAO在过去一年中所有的贡献者和支持者,我们将通过Project Galaxy发布一些节日盲盒 NFT。


  1. RhizomeDAO Discord 成员(2021年12月31日成功登记的地址)
  2. RhizomeDAO 和所有 Sub DAO 2021年度所有活动 POAP 的持有者
  3. 参与过 Guild W 主办的 Dark Forest 第一次社区轮和相关活动的玩家
    Players of the first Dark Forest community round hosted by Guild W
  4. Guild W 2021 第三季度和第四季度的所有贡献者
  5. Guild W R&D Call 2021年所有场次的参与者
  6. 任何通过 Gitcoin 捐赠过 Guild W 开发贡献者公共产品的地址(如 ZK Chat and Guild System in Dark Forest 和 DarkSea)
  7. 成功在链游 NFT 交易市场 DarkSea 和 RaritySea 完成过至少一笔交易(链上数据快照时间:2021年12月24日24:00)
  8. RhizomeDAO Labs 开发贡献者
  9. 参与过 Metaficate 测试活动的用户
  10. Mirror Curator DAO 正式成员(链上数据快照时间:2021年12月24日24:00)
  11. 文章被Mirror Curator DAO Weekly Review 收录的 Mirror 作者(链上数据快照时间:2021年12月24日24:00)
  12. NodeChaser 成员(链上数据快照时间:2021年1月31日24:00)
  13. 223 DAO 成员
  14. DAppChaser 任意官方 POAP 持有者(链上数据快照时间:2021年1月31日24:00)
  15. EM3DAO High Table Group 成员(链上数据快照时间:2021年12月24日24:00)
  16. Web3 BUIDLer Fund 核心贡献者
  17. 所有支持过 RhizomeDAO 和任何 SubDAO的KOL、合作项目、媒体和社区朋友们(名单增加中……)
  18. 参与 RhizomeDAO 推特转发活动的获奖者(10位)


如有任何问题,请在2022年2月4日22:00(UTC+8)前通过 RhizomeDAO Discord 的 #supports 频道和志愿者进行沟通。

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