CAKERISE & CAKEDROP are live on Risedle

Today, we launched CAKERISE and CAKEDROP, the first leveraged tokens built on top of Fuse that is maintained by Midas Capital on BNB Smart Chain.

CAKERISE and CAKEDROP are derivatives products with no margin or liquidation risks. It provides you with leveraged long and short exposure to the CAKE token, which may amplify profitability and potential losses:

  • If CAKE price goes up 5% 🟢, then:
    • CAKERISE price will up 10% 🟢
    • CAKEDROP price will down 10% 🔴
  • If CAKE price goes down 5% 🔴, then:
    • CAKERISE price will down 10% 🔴
    • CAKEDROP price will up 10% 🟢

CAKERISE and CAKEDROP are backed by CAKE and BUSD token and can be redeemed at anytime.

Due to the rebalancing mechanism, the CAKERISE and CAKEDROP are more suitable for short-term investment in a one-sided market. In a volatile market, the actual leverage may frequently exceed the target leverage range. This means that the rebalancing mechanism will be triggered accordingly in order to maintain leverage within the target range. Thus, CAKERISE and CAKEDROP are not suitable for long-term investments.

Historical data for price and backings are directly available on Risedle app. Anyone can access full historical data via Risedle FLT BSC Subgraph.

Historical price
Historical price

Last 30 days historical price

Last 14 days historical backings

Start trading now!

Risedle Labs provide easy-to-use interface to trade the CAKERISE and CAKEDROP.

Go ahead and start trading now:

About Midas Capital

Midas Capital is bringing isolated and customizable money markets to EVM-compatible blockchains. Enabling users, DAOs, and protocols to create customized and isolated pools for lending and borrowing any asset, Midas is building a cross-chain ecosystem that democratizes money markets. Pool creators have the flexibility to modify pool parameters (interest rate curves, oracles, collateral factors, pool fee, etc.) according to their risk appetite. With isolated pools, Midas offers stellar features for both large-scale institutions, protocols, and traditional investors.

About Risedle Protocol

Risedle is a decentralized leveraged token trading protocol. It aims to simplify the process of opening, managing, closing leveraged position and protect users from liquidation. By letting users mint leveraged tokens, Risedle can helps users to enjoy leveraged gains by simply holding a token and eliminate the intricacies of managing a conventional leveraged position as users are not required to maintain margin or their position health ratio.

About Risedle Labs

We are core contributors of the Risedle Protocol.

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