February Development Update

Hi again from the core team at Risedle! We’ve got a lot of updates to share, so let’s get started.

Better Product Documentation

We have revamped Risedle’s documentation site. Previously we used a notion page for the documentation. There is no clear site navigation and full text search functionality built in. Then we move the documentation to gitbook. It has the best navigation and full text search functionality.

Clear guide
Clear guide

In the new docs we focus on explaining Risedle’s products instead of the underlying protocol itself. Here is the example: Beginner's Guide to ETHRISE.

Earn → Lend

Previously we use term “Earn” for our USDC vault which is very confusing for many users. Based on the feedback, we have updated the section to “Lend” instead of “Earn”. Now it more obvious that user can “lend” their USDC to earn variable interest in real-time.

"Earn" updated to "Lend"
"Earn" updated to "Lend"

Chainsulting Audit Report

Chainsulting has published the audit report for Risedle Leveraged Tokens protocol. The report can be accessed here. Based on their report, there is no high-security issues found in our codebase.

Minor UI/UX Improvements

There are so many minor UI/UX improvements that we have deployed this month. Here is the highlight:

  • Add “Buy on Uniswap” button to ETHRISE detail page
  • Add contract address to the ETHRISE detail page
  • Improve toast notification text for minting and redeeming

For complete update, you can follow Risedle Interface github repository.

What’s Next?

Here is incomplete list of stuff what we have planned to release next month.

Portfolio Page

Before we release other leveraged tokens, we aim to build a complete user experience first for minting, holding and redeeming leveraged tokens. The missing feature on the Risedle interface is a Portfolio page. We planned to release the feature on march.


gOHMRISE is 2x Long gOHM token. It aims to simplify the process of opening, managing, closing gOHM leveraged position and protect users from liquidation. We cannot share much detail about this yet, but we have scheduled audit with abdk on march for this. Hopefully we can release it to the public next month.

About Risedle Protocol

Risedle is a leveraged position tokenizing protocol. It aims to simplify the process of opening, managing, closing leveraged position and protect users from liquidation. By letting users mint leveraged tokens, Risedle can helps users to enjoy leveraged gains by simply holding a token and eliminate the intricacies of managing a conventional leveraged position as users are not required to maintain margin or their position health ratio.

About Risedle Labs

We are core contributors of the Risedle Leveraged Token protocol.

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