January Development Update
January 24th, 2022

This month the Risedle Labs development team has been focused dominantly on improving Risedle Leveraged Protocol, improving the Risedle Interface, building Risedle Snapshot services and testing the stability and security of upcoming features.

Risedle Leveraged Token Protocol

  • Previously, native asset such as ETH, MATIC or FTM are not supported by the protocol. This month we shipped a new implementation and now all native assets are supported by the protocol. Users wont need to wrap their native asset manually in order to mint the leveraged tokens (e.g. ETHRISE & MATICRISE).
  • Our internal audit found high security issue regarding the redeeming process of the rvToken. This bug is caused by burning process before exchange rate calculation. The bug is now fixed.
  • We have tagged the protocol codebase per cab10f in order to be audited by the external auditors.
  • We have partnered with Chainsulting to audit the codebase and today the audit is finished. No high security and critical issues found. We will publish the report soon.

Risedle Interface

Risedle New Homepage
Risedle New Homepage
  • We have shipped new homepage for Risedle.
  • We have disabled demo.risedle.com in favor of new interface.
  • We have redesigned the Risedle Leveraged Token market interface.
  • Historical data such as price history and supply APY history is now available on the Interface.
Leveraged Token Market
Leveraged Token Market

Please note that currently the Risedle Interface is only available on Kovan and in read-only mode.

Risedle Snapshot

  • This month we shipped new service called Risedle Snapshot.
  • Risedle Snapshot ingests and aggregates historical data every leveraged tokens and vaults that available on the Risedle Leveraged Token protocol.
  • The aggregated data is consumed by the Risedle Interface.

Risedle Rebalancing Bot

  • We have shipped a brand new off-chain rebalancing bot this month.
  • The source code is available here: risedle/rebalancor
  • Anyone can use the source code to run their own rebalancing bot.

What’s next?

  • Arbitrum Mainnet Deployment: We will deploy Risedle Leveraged Token Protocol to Arbitrum mainnet. Launch date is TBD.
  • More Leveraged Tokens: We plan to support all native tokens on arbitrum such as gOHM, DPX, MAGIC and more.
  • More External Security Audits: We have booked ABDK to audit Risedle Leveraged Token Protocol in march.
  • Multichain Deployment: After second audit is finished we plan to deploy Risedle Leveraged Token protocol to another chain.

After a couple of months of ruthless feature development, this month has been a time to step back, consolidate, and ensure that these features are ready for prime time. Over the next month, we should see new leveraged tokens that are not available anywhere yet, and new features rollout.

Until next time,

About Risedle Leveraged Token Protocol

The Risedle Leveraged Token protocol is a peer-to-peer system designed for leveraging any cryptocurrency assets (ERC-20 Tokens) on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible or equivalence blockchain.

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