Rivo Founding Club NFT and Affiliate Program Launch

Rivo.xyz, the app combining a multichain smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace, is pleased to announce the launch of Founding Club, Season #1, a unique opportunity that allows users to become integral members of the Rivo community through an exclusive NFT program.

Benefits of Holding the Founding Member NFT

As a holder of these NFTs, you can enjoy a list of benefits such as:

  • Reduced platform fees and commissions.

  • Exclusive access to raffles and rewards.

  • Additional allocations are also reserved for NFT holders.

Conditions for Obtaining Founding Member NFTs

To mint your Founding Member NFT, you need to invest at least $500 into any Rivo platform strategy and maintain your position for at least 14 days. The offer is limited to a select collection of only 500 NFTs.

Referral Rewards for Inviting Friends

As an NFT holder, you can expand your network and earn rewards through Rivo's decentralized affiliate program. To elaborate, you can earn $30 for each friend who mints a Founding Member NFT using their private referral link. Even those not holding the Founding Member NFT can earn $15 for every successful referral.

You can generate unique affiliate links straight from your Web3 wallet address. Lastly, rewards can be claimed rewards automatically once the referred users meet the specified criteria.

Join Rivo Founding Club - https://app.rivo.xyz/rivo-club

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