MCC 202 with Chefs Kiss
June 13th, 2022

Each week RMX.PARTY sources a meme template for our caption contest. You, our community submit captions, and the winner gets a prize. It’s all a big experiment meant to be loads of fun while we iterate and test product ideas. This is the very beginning of our product story, and we’re writing it every week we learn, test and experiment. Our mission is to support creators and their audiences as they explore new forms of creation in web3. To that end, we also publish these weekly artist profiles. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, whether here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Meme Caption Contest (MCC) 202

The whole idea behind season two is to be consistent so that every week you know that on Monday we announce our artist and reveal the template. Then at 12 PM ET on Tuesday the caption contest opens and 24 hours later it closes. We’ll announce the winners by 3 PM on Wednesday and reveal the unique NFTs we’re giving away as prizes on Thursday.

Each week we look for compelling NFTs to use as a template and this week’s is as fun as they come. It also includes something special, a fruitcake recipe. And we appreciate what Leah (Chefs Kiss) said below.

Keep buying NFTs that are not yet popular, but there’s something artistically intriguing to it. 

That’s our plan. In addition, we want to create value and popularity through the remixes we’re making. It won’t be too long before our next auction of a remixed template (caption + original artwork), splitting the sales with all involved and hopefully driving up the popularity and value of the original work in the process. That’s the goal post we’re shooting for, and we hope our community comes along for the ride!

Let’s Learn About Chefs Kiss:

RMX: How do you like to be credited (i.e. do you prefer an alias or using your name?)
LS: Leah Shore AKA Chefs Kiss

RMX: When did you start creating?
LS: NFTs? Recently, ART? Film? Since I could hold a pencil/crayon. 

RMX: Where do you find inspiration/stay inspired? 
LS: Weird movies (comedies and horror films), food,  music, friends/family stories, self ambition haha

RMX: What does your creative workspace look like? (Screenshot of your desktop?)
LS: A mess. I have a desktop computer, iPad, mic, mic stand, mixer, a shoebox for my cat Boy George, and laptop all on the same adjustable desk. It’s littered with Ahh Real Monsters and Ninja Turtles toys, hard drives, a printer, scanner, and lip gloss. 

RMX: How do you describe your style of art in a single sentence?
LS: Weird, surreal funny shit. 

RMX: How long did it take you to find your style of art and what was your journey? (Share as much or as little as you like!) 
LS: Guuurl, I’ve always been like this. Just embracing it :)

The featured work:

RMX:** Tell us about the meme template you created for RMX.PARTY - idea, process, origin? 
LS: Fran the Fruitcake! I love to cook and bake and figured that most of humanity feels the same or at least loves to eat as much as I, so I wanted to create a cute series of baked, animated, cute foods. Fran the Fruitcake is sweet and probably inebriated.

RMX: Do you have an affinity for memes? (likes, dislikes, etc…)  
LS: I do, however, I’m horrible at coming up with them myself. 

RMX: What is a meme you saw recently that made you laugh out loud? 
LS: Honestly, I’m a sucker for the cute animals and meme, memes. I’m literally obsessed and go to them when I’m sad.

The NFT Landscape:

RMX: What excites you most about NFTs? 
LS: Well, I’m lazy and don’t really want to go out a lot, so the whole idea of showing off your art digitally while I sit in my underpants sounds like a fabulous time to me. 

RMX: What are you most wary of in the land of NFTs? 
LS: That it’s a fad or that the bubble will burst. Also, these random collections where it’s 8bit and how easy they are to generate confuses me artistically speaking. I don’t understand how they’re so hot right now. If you want hot right now, email me for a weird recipe while I talk about my sex life. 

RMX: How can web3 better support artists and creators? 
LS: What you’re doing now is amazing and I personally appreciate it. Keep doing it. Keep buying NFTs that are not yet popular, but there’s something artistically intriguing to it. 

5 Quick Questions (One sentence answer max!)

RMX: What was the last show you binged and loved?
LS: Selling Sunset. That is the most addicting, weird show and I love to be a voyeur watching these scary bleach blonde ladies with too much fillers sell million-dollar houses in la. It’s fascinating. 

RMX: What’s your favorite meal?
LS: Ice cream! I love it so much that I make my own now. 

RMX: What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? 
LS: Batman and Ninja Turtles

RMX: What was the last tab you had open?
LS: This? My tab (go get some weird mf merch)

RMX: What music do you have on repeat right now?
LS: Dying Fetus and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Thanks, again to Leah Shore, aka Chefs Kiss for sharing a little bit about their process and this incredible NFT!


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