RMX RECS: Weekly Recs 3/10
Joe Therrien Kelly
March 10th, 2023

Heyo! It’s RMX RECS! The top weekly list of recommendations from the smartest coolest people in web3. We got the whole community chatting about what they’re most excited about this week! Check it out!


                                             ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっ εїз

RMXCEO (Co-Founder / CEO): this is wild

"Twitter is now Reddit moving at the speed of Tumblr. What goes viral here feels more like what goes viral everywhere else."

JOE THERRIEN KELLY(Community Manager): Speaking of Tumblr - am I the only one that still uses that site?… I recommend still using Tumblr. The hours I spend on there curating my little page are some of my most zen. Its one of the only “social media” sites that I use that feels wholly for me - I actually don’t think any of my real-life friends follow me on there and I actually prefer it that way.

BRANDON DEES (Transistor Choreographer): Son of Godzilla

<https://play.hbomax.com/page/urn:hbo:page:GXnAoDQZYrMNVoAEAABrl:type:feature >

so much silly string.

MADELINE BOUTON (Design Lead): revisiting terekke this week to encourage a little flow state. v nice for moments when ∘silence∘ feels too loud ˙ᵕ˙

JOHNNY DUNN (Geneva Community Member): ooh i been deep in a new mobile game

i had a really great/fun run with PokemonGo when it first came out -- it afforded me a good excuse to walk around outside but more importantly I got my 7 year old daughter into it and we've been playing pretty consistently for 4+ years

anyway -- the rec --- the same team (Niantic) put out a new version of the game, and its a fully licensed NBA experience. All the stars, all the teams -- and you walk around the world and have encounters with randomly placed NBA players, and if you beat them in a drill/mini-game.... they can join your team, and you can play as them... as you go on.

JOE: This is so cool! I’m going hunting for Jayson Tatum.

JOHNNY: from a gaming perspective, its really well made -- and slick. Fun music, its truly possible to play it casually for as much time as you have.

JOE: I’m in London this week so I want to recommend my favorite British comedian James Acaster. He did a three-part special that’s available on Netflix called Repertoire that to me personally is the best stand-up special I’ve ever seen!

He also has a really funny food-based interview podcast, where guests come on and share their dream meal. It’s very recommendation-core, so check that out as well. I’d suggest you start with the Joseph Quinn episode (Eddie from Stranger Things). He’s got one of the best menus I’ve ever heard and I think I would order exactly the same thing.

Finally, I wanna recommend Monster Munch. Delicious cute little corn puff chips (crisps?) shaped like monster hands (or feet?). I know something foot-shaped that tastes like “Pickled Onion” sounds nasty but you just gotta trust me on this one.

It's a graveyard smunch!
It's a graveyard smunch!


JOE: Dees, this one is so good!

might get some of these tattooed
might get some of these tattooed


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