RMX RECS: Weekly Recs 3/3
Joe Therrien Kelly
March 3rd, 2023

It’s March Recness! Team RMX is here again to share the internet’s best weekly list of recommendations across culture. This week we’ve got background jazz, a trip to Kiss Villa, vegetables, and AI snitches. What more could you want?



RMXCEO (Co-Founder / CEO): Wild

JOHNNY DUNN (Geneva Community Member): Bloomy! Good source.

BRANDON DEES (Senior Curse Developer): been wondering how long till this…

My recs ⤵️

and shallots.

JOE THERRIEN KELLY (Community Manager): 🧅

MADELINE BOUTON (Design Lead): one of my favorite remixes

JOE: This week I want to recommend the sketch "Kiss Villa" from Jamie Demetriou's new 1 hour Netflix special "A Whole Lifetime" - the sketch starts around the @25:11 mark and the parody will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the immensely popular reality show "Love Island"... the whole special is great but this sketch had me absolutely cracking up. I've been a big fan of Demetriou since his breakout show "Stath Lets Flats" and his scene-stealing performance as a big-toothed hookup in "Fleabag" - pucker up and check it out on Netflix.

JESSICA KANTOR (Chief of Staff): Ooh I gotta check that out. I'm feeling a little uninspired for recs this week.

JOE: Got u Jess

SAM LIEBESKIND(Geneva Community Member): I’m living in Mexico City this month and have had this song (and whole album really) on repeat. It’s by a Peruvian group made in the 80s

"Formed in 1980 by guitar prodigy Leonardo Vela Rodriguez, Sonido Verde de Moyobamba created some of the hardest, craziest Cumbia to emerge from the Peruvian jungle. With distorted, surf-addled guitar facing off against lysergic organ and hyperactive tropical rhythms, Sonido Verde conjured the organic sound of the dense forests surrounding their hometown while riding their dance-party grooves to dizzying psychedelic peaks."

NEIL MURPHY (Geneva Community Member): This new jazz album is a joy to listen to. Perfect for some background music to help you lock in on your workload or for just hanging around the house!

Magnolia is a beautiful album, one that carries an overall sense of peace. It is a vehicle that, if you immerse yourself fully in it, will take you to a better place.


got em!
got em!

MAYA BAKHAI (Geneva Community Member): I'm 2 hours in on this podcast on the history of LVMH and just how luxury fashion proliferated to the west.

SAM: someone just shared this project w/ me - it's like graffiti for the web - and it feels very rmx vibes

DEES: neat. yeah we have mentioned some possible project ideas in that sort of direction, might be interesting to explore

JOE: “Emergency use” lol.

RMX CEO: is macklemore cool? i have no idea. but this preemo beat is ❤️‍🔥

is sesame street cool? absolutely. also: make your own art!


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