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September 30th, 2022

Yesterday’s internet

In a 1973 short film by Richard Serra, “Television Delivers People,” the artist proposed that consumers are the product being delivered to advertisers. 50 years later, Americans spend more time on the internet than TV. But this meme persists for a reason - not much has changed with media business models. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Still from "Television Delivers People."
Still from "Television Delivers People."

Tomorrow’s internet: Owned —> Owner

We’re dedicated to making sure tomorrow’s internet will be different through blockchain technology. Blockchain can transform us from owned to owner.

RMX’s mission is to help shape the tools for the next version of the internet so that everyone owns and benefits from their creations. We want to enable and inspire on-chain creation by everyone - even if you’re not a technologist or artist. We believe we do that by making it easy, cheap, and fun to create on-chain.

Because with that, you stop being a product, start being a creator and finally participate in the rights, royalties, and provenance of your creations.

How We Get There

In order to get there, it needs to be  A LOT easier to create on-chain. There’s been an explosion of utilities to help with tooling, finance, etc etc etc. There’s been an explosion of PFP projects where you get to buy someone else’s creation.

But there aren’t a lot of projects that let you create your own.

We think the real power of the internet gets unlocked when tools make it easy for everyone to create and express themselves. And we want to make it as simple to create on-chain as using MS Paint.

Starting with ‘Cursed Emojis’

We’re starting by collaborating with an artist that inspires us; Yung Jake. He has a history of creating successful blockchain art using emojis as paintbrushes and sharing his tools with the internet so anyone can create with them.

Together, we invite you to use RMX’s very first product to create and own a Cursed Emoji - a set of CC0 emoji NFTs created by everyone who participates. We invite you to make your own, that you own. By doing so, you can be part of the next generation of internet creators, where we take a more active role in culture creation, provenance, and ownership.

Emojis are a universal language, but the language is designed by someone else. We’re designing this one ourselves, with you. We’re creating our own universe of cursed emojis together. We look forward to seeing what you create and what stories you tell with them.

Premint now open: sign up

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