RMX.Party's first Auction: Going Once, Going Twice...GONE!
May 23rd, 2022

First things first. Here’s the auction:

Click below to bid:

Who the heck is RMX.Party?

Each week RMX.Party sources a meme template for our caption contest. Our community submit captions, and the winner gets a prize. Sometimes it’s ETH, sometimes it’s an NFT, and today we’re excited to share that the prize is a minted remix (hence our name 🎉) . 

RMX.PARTY is an experiment on the blockchain meant to be fun and collaborative, while we iterate and test product ideas in public. This is the very beginning of our product story, and we’re writing it every week we learn, test and experiment. 

Our mission is to support creators and their audiences as they explore new forms of creation in web3. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, whether here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Why bid?

This is our first collaboratively remixed NFT, with creator splits on the blockchain (pretty cool!). We truly believe we’re creating a little slice 🍕 of history with this auction, and we’re excited to share it with our small but growing community.

When we say this NFT is a remix, this is what we mean: The NFT started it’s journey out as ‘Trembling Diego’, a work by Fantastic3DCreation that was put forward for the 10th week of our Meme Caption Contest we ran last week. Over a 24 hour period, hundreds of you submitted captions, and a winning caption was selected by the FuckJerry team. If anyone knows what makes a meme funny, it’s this team, who post memes daily to a +16.8 million-person following. 

This is the winning caption they selected, written by Sιlνια Сαио.

By combining The original ‘Trembling Diego’ NFT with Silvia’s winning caption, we have the first remixed NFT we’re minting on blockchain. It will be live on auction via Rarible Monday, May 23 at 12 PM ET until Tuesday, May 24th at 11:59 AM ET. 

Our splits are the following: 60% of the proceeds go to the original template artist, 30% are for the Remixer, and 10% go towards RMX.

Here is the link, happy bidding, and best of luck!


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