MCC Season 2 Launch with Artist 0x4evr!

Each week RMX.PARTY sources a meme template for our caption contest. You, our community submit captions, and the winner gets a prize. Sometimes it’s ETH, sometimes it’s an NFT, and soon it’ll be a minted remix. It’s all a big experiment meant to be loads of fun while we iterate and test product ideas. This is the very beginning of our product story, and we’re writing it every week we learn, test and experiment. Our mission is to support creators and their audiences as they explore new forms of creation in web3. To that end, we also publish these weekly artist profiles. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, whether here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Contest 201

We’re in season two, week 1 (201) of our Meme Caption Contest (MCC). We took a pause to regroup, and come up with some fun ideas. First, we’re tightening our belts and launching the contest each week on Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET. The contest will close 24 hours later on Wednesday at 11:59 AM ET. We’ll announce the winner Wednesday afternoon. We’d like to ensure a regular cadence so you know when to tap your phone (or keyboard) and enter your wittiest captions. Season 2 Schedule

Contest opens: Tuesdays 12pm ET 

Contest closes: Wednesdays 11:59am ET

Winners announced: Wednesdays 5pm ET

What will you win? We’re giving each of our three favorite captions a super fun, specially designed, unique NFT. Each week will see different NFT prizes, NFTs that we hope the winners will hold to see their value increase over time. Another reason to hold them will be the  unique perks (e.g. special access to future product features, our server, merch and more fun stuff like a mix tapes.

The next thing we needed to do was find evocative, thought-provoking, and humor-worthy artwork. We scoured socials, and NFT sites like Foundation, OpenSea, and Rarible. We then reached out cold-call style, to artists. It was crickets 🦗. We don’t blame them though cause who reads the ‘other’ files of their Instagram inbox. Rather than wait more time for our next ten weeks of the contest, we decided to just buy some NFTs we thought would elicit great responses and hit go.

After we purchased, we were lucky enough to hear back from 0x4evr and we’re so excited to share their story with you!

Let’s Learn About 0x4evr:

RMX: How do you like to be credited (i.e. do you prefer an alias or using your name?)
PC: I’m Preston Chaplin IRL but use the alias 0x4evr in the NFT space

RMX: When did you start creating? 
PC: 1996

RMX: Where do you find inspiration/stay inspired? 
PC: I find inspiration everywhere but I’m easily inspired by nature, lighting, people, social situations, and social callings. I store images and concepts that I find inspiring and revisit occasionally.

RMX: What does your creative workspace look like? (Screenshot of your desktop?)

RMX: How do you describe your style of art in a single sentence?
PC: I’d say that I have a highly developed artistic vision coupled with extreme levels of technical aptitude and a strong compulsion to create.

RMX: How long did it take you to find your style of art and what was your journey?
PC: 26 years. I started in traditional photography in 1996, got into digital photography and 2D retouching soon after , then added 3D modeling and rendering to the skillset 10 years ago and software development around 5 years ago.

RMX: Tell us about the meme template you created for RMX.PARTY - idea, process, origin? 
PC: Indifferent Aliens is a collection of 1/1 photography and cgi composites that explores the concept that aliens are among us but they don't seem to be concerned with us or anything else really.

RMX: Do you have an affinity for memes? (likes, dislikes, etc…)  
PC: I love memes. Anything that makes people smile gains my respect.

The NFT Landscape:

RMX: What excites you most about NFTs? 
PC: New creative outlet with endless possibilities

RMX: What are you most wary of in the land of NFTs? 
PC: There’s way too many scams and scammers

RMX: How can web3 better support artists and creators? 
PC: Increase sales for 1/1 artists

5 Quick Questions (One sentence answer max!):

RMX: What was the last show you binged and loved? 
PC: Stranger Things

RMX: What’s your favorite meal? 
PC: Pretty much any Mexican dish. I can’t get enough. The more authentic the better.

RMX: What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? 
PC: Road Runner

RMX: What was the last tab you had open? 

RMX: What music do you have on repeat right now?
PC: Cinematic Love by Duo

Thanks agan to 0x4evr for sharing a little bit about their process and this incredible NFT!


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