WTF are Cursed Emojis?
Joe Therrien Kelly
January 16th, 2023

In the fervor of the excitement surrounding the announcement of our long-awaited-incredibly-cool new project “Cursed Emojis” you may find yourself asking said self: “wtf are cursed emojis?” Fret not, dear reader, for we at RMX have put together this handy guide to get you up to speed.



In the late 1990s, Shigetaka Kurita created what many consider to be the original “emojis” while working as a designer for a mobile phone company:

Shigetaka Kurita, Emoji, 1998-1999
Shigetaka Kurita, Emoji, 1998-1999

Now, in the early 2020s, we’ve teamed up with emoji king: yung jake to help you create a new breed of original, ownable emojis on-chain!

Okay, cool…. so what does that mean?

First, let’s define some terms.


Emoji: A portmanteau of the Japanese words for picture, “e,” and character, “moji.”

Some emojis frmo Apple's native set
Some emojis frmo Apple's native set

Cursed Emojis: Our project with yung jake. A Cursed Emoji is a remixed RMX Pass: Emoji Base. The concept of this project is inspired by a rich meme history of “cursed emojis” which involves creating non-uni-code images inspired by Apple’s native emoji set.

dees made most of these
dees made most of these

RMX: That’s us! It’s pronounced remix. Sometimes we go by RMX.PARTY. We’re all about creating tools for on-chain creativity

Café RMX: Our community on Geneva.

Team RMX: The staff of RMX.

yung jake: The artist we’ve teamed up with to create Cursed Emojis.

the emoji king!
the emoji king!

Genesis mint: Block-chain interaction that mints the RMX Pass: Emoji Base for you to make a Cursed Emoji.

RMX Pass: Emoji Base: A blank emoji “face” that you mint as your pass to the RMX Console, and that will serve as the base for your Cursed Emoji. When you mint a RMX Pass: Emoji Base you will receive one of four randomized colors: Old Yeller, Big Red, True Blue, or Yukon Gold.

praying for a potato
praying for a potato

remix (verb): to edit your RMX Pass: Emoji Base using the RMX Console.

RMX Console: Where you create your Cursed Emoji. It is unlocked with your RMX Pass: Emoji Base, and is where you add traits to the RMX Pass: Emoji Base to create your Cursed Emoji. The RMX Pass: Emoji Base itself, as well as each of the traits, are all NFTs. So you’ll remix these NFTs to put your creation on-chain.

Traits: The 235 different features created by yung jake that can be added to your RMX Pass: Emoji Base. You can include up to ten unique traits in the creation of your Cursed Emoji, each of which can be used an infinite amount of times. They come in several categories including “bodypieces” (details), “bling” (accessories), “Sayholes” (mouths), and “Seeers” (eyes). The combination of your RMX Pass: Emoji Base color and the set of unique traits will determine your Cursed Emoji’s rarity.

Allowlist: The list of people who have access to mint an RMX Pass: Emoji Base.

Cursed Community: People who hold RMX Pass: Emoji Bases and have created (or intend to create) a Cursed Emoji.

Cursed Genealogy: qualities unique to each Cursed Emoji. These qualities include your RMX Pass: Emoji Base color, temperament, incarnation, and birthday.

but cheeky innit?
but cheeky innit?

Temperament: A description of your Cursed Emoji’s innate personality. There are 106 possible temperaments ranging from “blissed out” to “worried.” 🧪

Incarnation: When you remix your RMX Pass: Emoji Base to create a Cursed Emoji, the smart contract and metadata of your NFT will update, thus advancing your RMX Pass: Emoji Base into its second incarnation. 🧬

Birthday: The day your RMX Pass: Emoji Base is minted. 🎂

Still with me? Great.


The Cursed Emojis experience begins with receiving an invitation to mint a RMX Pass: Emoji Base. There are 512 free RMX Pass: Emoji Bases that will be distributed to selected creators, collectors, and communities, with opportunities for additional access through giveaways on our Twitter.

When you mint your RMX Pass: Emoji Base, you’ll be randomly assigned a different color, each with different degrees of rarity. Old Yeller [yellow] is Common, Big Red [red] is Rare, True Blue [blue] is Super Rare, and Yukon Gold [potato] is Ultra Rare

Each RMX Pass: Emoji Base grants the ability for one person to use the RMX Console starting on Jan 19th to create their own emoji-inspired NFT using trait-based NFTs created by yung jake. Each Cursed Emoji NFT will be immortalized into a permanent on-chain CC0 collection.

desktop console in use
desktop console in use

The project is a radical experiment in co-creation and collaboration. It starts as a dialogue between artist and collector, with each RMX Pass: Emoji Base opening a palette of possible trait combinations.

Only the collectors can decide how each Cursed Emoji will actually manifest as an NFT through their creativity and remixing choices. No one can anticipate what the final set of Cursed Emojis will look like. If you hold a RMX Pass: Emoji Base, you help decide.

u could build a weird lil guy like this, in theory
u could build a weird lil guy like this, in theory

The conversation between artist and collectors completes a loop when yung jake makes a new NFT-based artwork from the Cursed Emojis NFT collection.

Jake will put the new work up for auction and split the proceeds 50/50 with the respective collectors of each of the Cursed Emojis he uses.

All Cursed Emojis will be released under a modified Creative Commons license that allows collectors to retain economic rights to their creations - CBE-NECR-HS.

⋆˚༌⋆.∘∻⋅IMPORTANT DATES⋅∻∘.⋆༌˚⋆

The mint opens on 1/17/2023.

1.—Mi𝒩t ↴

On 1/17 users mint a RMX Pass: Emoji Base that opens the RMX Console.

2.—R𝓮mix ↴

On 1/19 RMX Pass: Emoji Base holders can remix their base into a new Cursed Emoji using traits designed by yung jake.


jake will create a 1:1 artwork comprised of selected Cursed Emojis created by the community, where proceeds of an auction on 2/7 will be shared with each chosen RMX holder.

⋆˚༌⋆.∘∻⋅IN CONCLUSION⋅∻∘.⋆༌˚⋆

Ultimately, what will come to be known as “Cursed Emojis” is up to you, the community of enthusiasts creating the collection. We’re excited to see what you design.


Follow @RMX_PARTY on Twitter and come join our community in Geneva.

Be part of our genesis mint! To learn more, visit RMX.PARTY.

RMX product design and identity led by Paige Libadisos and Madeline Bouton. Banner by Madeline Bouton.

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