Roach Builder Report 1.0

Hey there, fellow runners! Welcome to our very first "Roach Builder Report 1.0." As we gear up for our public release, we're stoked to pull back the curtain on our building process. We promised to build in public, and it's time to share with you detailed updates on the current stage of Roach Racing Club game dev. In this edition, we'll be covering these updates:

1. Roach Genome format and storage encoding has been finalized

  • R&D of genome structure – the aim is to create a flexible yet comprehensive concept of Roach biology based on in-born traits as the foundation for the entire Roach population

  • Traits logic and data structure in NFT tokens have been established, as well as their effect on Roach biology, appearance, and performance on the race

  • Roach 3D constructor module has been developed that allows to procedurally create roaches from the traits so that appearance and biology are now directly derived from the NFT token data on the go. This enabled Roaches to be upgradable on the biological level and immediately visualized in the interface

  • Breeding Mechanics has been upgraded and extended with ingenious methods of gene cross-mutations and trait inheritance

2. The infrastructure of the entire application has been created to lay the foundation for future development and scaling

  • Race DB model developed and structure created

  • Player DB model created

  • Backend API developed

  • Frontend API developed

3. The orchestrator service or Race schedule management module has been developed as one of the core modules that processes the full cycle of race management, from race start to finish:

  • Handling data about players, roaches, race results

  • Registration of participants

  • Creation and initialization of races

  • Processing of race results and storage in Race DB

4. Web and 3D scene performance optimization

  • Racing interface updates and in-game GUI API refactoring and performance optimization

  • Draw-call optimization and game asset size optimization to boost performance and allow smooth gameplay on different types of devices

  • Optimization of the server-client protocol allowed us to reduce the load on the network by 10 times

5. WEB3 authorization has been implemented

  • One of the key modules for web3 application for secure and seamless authorization via web3 protocol

6. Racing experience and UI improvements

  • Implementation of the glow effect for better visuals

  • Integration of coins rewards on the race tracks

  • The in-game boost control module UI chart upgrade

  • Boost animations updates

That's a wrap for our first Roach Builder Report 1.0! We're pretty happy with how things are going and can't wait to share the first public version. Meanwhile, you can apply for beta-testing of our current demo here. We already conducted more than 50 demo sessions, collected feedback, and keep on making our game better and better with your help.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look, and we'd love for you to stick around. Share your thoughts, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop with the latest news, updates, and opportunities. Together, let's race into the future of Web3 gaming!

See you at the finish line!

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