Roach Builder Report 5.0

Greetings Coaches,

We present to you the next part of the Roach Builder report. This time, the main focus is on the application interface and user dashboard. Beyond the race is where all the strategic action is happening. It is where you prepare for the races and track your portfolio and progress as a prominent Roach Coach. The interface is designed to provide you with sufficient yet comprehensible information about the status of your roaches and detailed statistics about your activity as a player.

Roach Coach swaggin' his profile
Roach Coach swaggin' his profile

Roach Coach Page aka Player Profile Page

The page contains profile information, stats on racing activity, prizes, and rewards, as well as a top Roaches list. Here, you can customize your profile, set a nickname, choose an avatar, and manage other settings.

Roach Page

The page features a gorgeous full-scale interactive 3D model of a roach, allowing you to view your roaches in detail from every angle. It includes all necessary stats, such as racing activity, win rate, and podium information. Another important part of this page is the roach genome information, including a traits list, family tree, and breeding-related stats. From here, you can enter a race with the selected roach or engage in breeding.

New Player Registration and Onboarding

Web3 technology offers simple and secure sign-in via your crypto wallet, so creating a new profile in Roach Racing Club is almost automatic, with only a digital signature required.

Simulation in progess
Simulation in progess

Roach Biology Tuning and Gameplay Balancing

Striking a fair balance in such a sophisticated model of roach biology is challenging. Yet, after countless trials and errors, we have managed to establish suitable settings. Roach biology is crucial for the game's growth on one hand, and on the other, it must not create an imbalance in the racing competition.

The initial loot box prototype
The initial loot box prototype

Loot Box Design Prototypes

We've been working on loot box prototypes, rewarding players for their in-game activities and progress. The initial loot boxes come in three grades: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Each grade offers a range of wearables and perks, with higher grades providing more exclusive items. These boxes are designed to be fair and engaging, offering useful items for all players.

Emojis, boost indication and ads prototyping
Emojis, boost indication and ads prototyping

3D Race Upgrades Including Emojis and Boost Indication

Creating an immersive and interactive gameplay experience involves timely indicators relevant to the gameplay. For instance, whenever you activate a Boost during a race, a corresponding coefficient is shown above your Roach. Another important addition is the ability to cast emojis above your roach while racing, allowing you to express reactions or tease an opponent after a successful overtake.

As we approach the public release, which is closer every day, our excitement is at an all-time high. We're working tirelessly to bring you a game that's not just fun and engaging, but also a pioneer in its field. Stay tuned for more updates as we edge closer to unveiling this groundbreaking experience to the world.

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