Roach Builder Report 3.0

Grrrrreetings, coaches!

This is the third part of the Roach Builder Report and this time we want to make it a little bit special. Why? Because we hit a major milestone and are getting closer to the public launch.

Let us summarize what we are building:

  • We are building the first ever racing web3 game based on the real-time crypto market fluctuations. In other words we are the first project to gamify trading!

  • It is an NFT Roach universe, that combines strategic and tactical gameplay, as well as open competition with others in every possible aspect.

  • The gameplay is designed in such a way that your predictive skills and timely actions play a crucial role in winning and becoming the race champion.

The idea of the game dates back to summer 2021, and the development started about 1 year later in Q1 2022. As of now, we are heading for the public launch in Q4 2023. Here’s the official trailer if you missed it:

And here is the update we would like to share with you, so you can track our progress.


  • New "Turrel Tunnel" racetrack implemented for ongoing testing.

  • Major application interface update, including main dashboard, races list, race lobby, coach profile and onboarding guide.

  • Money system smart contract handling entry fees and prize draws is deployed in the testnet.

  • More graphic optimization and stability improvements on the racetrack have been done.

  • Web3 implemented in the user interface for profile authorization, contract interaction to enter races and claim prizes is completed for core gameplay mechanics.

Racing lobby design v.1.3
Racing lobby design v.1.3

Game Design:

  • Breeding process, including incubation, economics, and more, have seen significant progress and are now ready to be handed over to the development team for implementation.

  • Roach training concept has been done.

  • Roach coach profile progression and experience concept has been done.

  • Biochamber and cryochamber concepts completed and ready for implementation.

Biochamber design v.1.4
Biochamber design v.1.4

Wen mint?

As you all know, the very first step will be Genesis Mint of the initial 10,000 Roaches.

  • Distributed via “Pay What You Want” model.

  • In order to be able to mint you should enter the Whitelist or Allowlist.

  • In order to open the egg you would need to pass a 7 days hatching period.

  • Genesis Roaches will have unlimited lifespan, unlike further generations.

  • Chainlink VRF will be used to assure transparent trait distribution.

Mint will be announced just before the game launch, so you will be able to use your game assets almost instantly.

As we are nearing the full scale launch, we want to make sure there is no extra waiting for the community between the mint and the game itself. So, good news is when we announce the mint date, you can be sure the game will start right away afterwards.

We have come a long way, formed a team from scratch and continue to expand it. There will be new waves of playtests, so there’s opportunity to bootstrap your gaming profile ahead of the public launch. Also, a little hint for the one who’s reading until the end – accumulate $dMTGN in our discord 😉

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