Daily Digest (Public Goods) 5/12
  • ENS
    • Discussion; Request for Proposal for ENS Wikipedia: Proposal to start research on ENS and its history with a budget of 25,000 USDC or the $ENS or $ETH equivalent. 3 - 6 month timescale with rolling management afterwards. 
  • Gitcoin
    • Proposal; Renewal proposal for the DAO Ops work stream requesting budgetary fund for Season 14. Requesting $948k USD to develop sustainable DAO-wide treasury strategy, scale accounting operations, streamlining contributor onboarding process, support steward participation, improve people operations overall and rebuild the user support team.
    • Proposal; Season 14 budget for the Public Goods Fund Workstream. Requesting 185.5k GTC for Grassroots Community Efforts (35k GTC), Gitcoin Grants Operations (45k GTC), Community Partnerships (72.5k), and hte remaining to go tot 60 day reserves (33k).
    • Proposal; Season 14 budget for Memes, Merch and Marketing workstream is $841,024 and be converted to GTC value.
    • Proposal; Season 14 budget for KERNEL is 49k GTC. Funds used for 4 months of a team of six stewards and 6-8 part-time facilitators, and four months of one legal expert.
    • Proposal; Season 14 budget request for Moonshot Collective. $450,254 USD worth of GTC. Funds used to rapidly prototyping and experimenting with key themes, organizing in order to become the trusted source of software development and better engage the Moonshot community.
    • Proposal; MintKudos Workstream Season 14 budget request. 6.6k GTC for 6 weeks of product discovery and 6 weeks to test and iterate on designs.
    • Proposal; dCompass Season 14 budget request 19k GTC. Create a quest for free, beta release on Polygon, Tokenomics draft and Gitcoin quests migration over dCompass.
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