Daily Digest (Infrastructure & Tooling) 5/12
  • Rocket Pool
    • Proposal; Rocket Pool Improvement Proposal to prevent low-effort governance proposals, providing number for specific proposals and steps towards a more decentralized community governance.
  • DAOhaus
    • Proposal; Request remaining funds to Uberhaus v1.5 which would amount to 11,659 HAUS.
  • Pokt Network
    • Proposal; Pep-30 pokt dex. Asking 45,000 POKT to build out a multi-token DEX which will act as an alternate means of liquidity for the individual token-holders.
    • Proposal; Pep-31 Scholarship Fund. Asking for 10,000 POKT per month to allocate funds on an as-needed basis to students, learners speakers or educators in the Pocket community.
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