Daily Digest (DeFi) 5/12
  • Aave
    • Proposal; Whitelist Connext, a cross-chain protocol, and extend a $2 million credit line split between $1 million USDT and $1 million worth of ETH. As an incentive, a liquidity mining program might be approved by the DAO when the NEXT token launches. Here’s more information on Connext.
  • Element
    • Discussion; The $ELFI token should be made transferable to be able to reach full decentralization. 
    • Questions raised: Is it too early on because no market maker has submitted a proposal to make a market yet and plans like mining structure and tokenomics haven’t been laid out.
  • Balancer
    • Proposal; Whitelist the BadgerDAO Gnosis Safe multisig to vote-lock and participate in governance. Badger DAI seeks to build infrastructure for Bitcoin in DeFi and bridge it into other blockchains.
    • Proposal; Whitelist the DAOhaus LPDAO Gnosis Safe multisig to vote-lock and participate in governance. A no-code platform for communities to launch and govern a DAO using Moloch smart contracts looks to improve their liquidity.
    • Proposal; Whitelist the VitaDAO Gnosis Safe multisig to vote-lock and participate in governance. VitaDAO is a community DAO funding longevity research with its main liquidity pools listed with Balancer.
    • Proposal; Whitelist Index Coop DAO’s investment account to vote-lock and participate in governance. Index Coop has been in discussion with Balancer about building indices products on Balancer v2 and intends to build more financial products on Balancer v2.
    • Proposal; Add a gauge for the WNCG/WETH Pool in the Ethereum mainnet. Nine Chronicles is a open-source RPG and a weighted pool would help attract more liquidity with less impermanent loss compared to a 50/50 pool. Increase attractions for the Nine chronicles community to deposit tokens into the Balancer pool.
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