When crypto markets go through a downturn, some people lose focus on the potential of the technology.What is keeping me motivated?

There is a famous old saying that true passion only persists in hard times. when we have our faith in crypto industry we should keep it in our mind especially when the hard time comes it’s our faith and trust which give us light and power to go ahead in the following times.

There is a Web3 learning platform RabbitHole since it established its passion and faith haven’t changed. RabbitHole guides us go through the hard time and leads us to the right direction of development of crypto industry. it always optimizes the learning tasks for us so that we could keep the right step with RabbitHole and grow up with it together.

Thanks for the contributors of crypto industry you are the lighthouse leading us to the right way especially when we lost our direction in the hard times i will keep my passion and spread my positive attitude and faith. let’s gather and build a connected Web3 World.

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