First DeFi Czechia Meetup 19.01.23

On 19.01.23 our very first DeFi Czechia Community meetup took place in La Republica Restaurant Na Poříčí 1041/12 · Praha 1-Nové Město in the Prague city center near Palladium shopping mall.

The event was dedicated to the community building in the entire web3 space.

We had 3 live speakers:

Matej Curda is a Playgrid Founder, was talking about his way of building a community that grew during 2021-2022 from 0 to 30k

 Matt on Twitter -
Matt on Twitter -

The next speaker was Artem Starikov who works in a Fuji Finance Marketing & community lead. Hard DeFi degen and NFT collector since the summer 2020. He was a former lawyer who turned his passion for decentralized finance into a way of life.

Artem was talking mostly about the Defi, it’s tools, why people really need it, and about the psychology of web 3 customers

Artem on Twitter -
Artem on Twitter -

Our next speaker - Andrii Kysil is a CryptoBrewMaster co-founder. involved in NFT and WEB3 since 2019, Co-founder of multiple Play2Earn startups, consultant, 100% passionate about community launching, business tokenization, and NFTzation.

Andrew was talking about tools and hacks that should be used to launch and evolve a web3 community, about his success and failures as real cases

Andrew on Twitter -
Andrew on Twitter -

Finally, the main guest of the meetup night was Robert who works as a community manager for Goldfinch Finance and AlloyX who joined our meetup via Zoom

Robert spoke about a successfully launched community building program called Goldfinch Flight Academy and represented a new project he involved in - AlloyX

Check his presentation below ⤵️

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