October 31st, 2021

PhilosopherDAO is exploring web3 ethics with the goal of funding philosophy outside of academia.

  • We do nuanced and in-depth research about governance, citizenship, participation, and technology.
  • We reason about the question: What moral principles should guide the development of DAOs and web3?
  • Philosophy is interdisciplinary and considers sociological and environmental perspectives.

This will help web3 communities evolve into ethical crypto societies.

In the long run, PhilosopherDAO will:

  • fund research outside of academia and make it accessible to anyone
  • put philosophers back in the middle of the forum
  • combine two philosophical fields: political theory and philosophy of technology
  • onboard the next generation of philosophers onto the world of blockchain


šŸ‘ā€šŸ—Ø We believe a philosophical approach can open up new social, political, and environmental perspectives.

šŸ”­ We believe philosophers can explore the intersection of ancient wisdom and internet culture.

šŸ—³ We want to explore new ethics of participation.

āšŖļø We want to explore the philosophy of decentralized virtual worlds.

šŸ”® And do what philosophers do best: Contemplate about where we should or shouldn't go.

Philosophers are pioneers

Philosophers were the first mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists. They've been responsible for many discoveries. They attempted to reason about ethics and about how a society should be governed. In ancient Greece, they pioneered direct democracy.

Philosophy should not only be for academics

Academia funds philosophy for academics. Philosophical texts shouldn't be bloated and hard to read. They should be practical and accessible. Accessible not only in the sense that they should be free but also in how easy they can be understood.

Philosophers need to go back to doing

Philosophers used to be tinkerers. They used to participate in forums and sometimes even governed nations. Nowadays, they're left writing obscure texts and have lost touch with practical matters.

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