5 days to DAO - Day 2

There was I standing now, with the sword in my hand, letting my gaze wander over the endless field of the Discord channels, loaded with infinite possibilities of jobs to do and conversations to have. I was ready to jump right into the DAO game, but where would I start?

Slowly I started walking, and the first person I met was a gnome named Ski. He was coming towards me with a welcoming smile, asking me what styles of writing I like to do. Ski was the one, I guessed, who gave me access to the server, and he was the one telling me about the Playbook Gallery. This is the place that holds all secrets about the writers guild's workflow and is, therefore, a very precious gift. Experience is the DAO writers’ gold mine, and thus, writing a Playbook would be the most straightforward path for me to take.

I could have directly started and dived into work: Pick up a claimable Playbook idea that someone else had proposed, or reach out to another writer and offer my help.

But I haven’t seen enough of the landscape, I thought, there must be so much more to explore. So I turned around and went off to complete some smaller tasks first. I had a to-do list in front of me, self-written with things I could do. Some of them, I realized, were too vaguely formulated or were dependent on others, so they would be hardly achieved. So, in the end, what I did was set my ETH address and write some messages here and there in the channels.

It was a slow second day, and I wonder if I could have done more. I could have focused more on actual contribution instead of wandering around.

So here am I standing now, again, my sword still unused. Tomorrow will start again from the unknown, and this will continue if I don’t make a decision on what to do. I cannot use another day just to explore what is there. To help the DAO, I need to create value myself.

I remember, that when I was actually playing a video game, I always went into every corner and tried to get an overview first. And I was confused when others went straightforward to finish a quest. But maybe finding out about everything that surrounds you is not the most important when you want to be effective. You will learn more on the way and can come back when you realize you missed something significant.

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Day 3 goes on messy, but at dawn, Rose finally finds her first mission.

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