5 Days to DAO - Day 4

My manuscript for today turned out a bit short because I was busy with training all day. I did some push-ups and lifting and forged my sword, before I went downtown to start my first quest.

My task was to write notes for a show that would take place in the municipal theatre. The guest of the show arrived riding a tamed bufficorn, and talked about taxes and the buidl brigade.

I wanted to know more but I had to balance my side job, so I left towards the inn’s guild headquarters, where the inn’s owners already waited with many problems to solve.

Something I could look forward to was the writers guild meeting! I met other writers and we discussed some ideas. It was nice, I felt welcomed and like part of the group.

Now I feel a bit drained because the last few days, I had two jobs to handle. But I can feel there is some change in the air. Tomorrow I will document my playbook idea and finish the notes of the show. It will be the last day of my journaled experience, and I’m excited to reflect on what I’ve learned.

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At the end of day 5, Rose reflected on her learnings.

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