Weekly spoils of Lvl. 99 Raid Ross 🐲 - Issue #7: We De Mani Go?

ARCHIVE (originally posted on Revue Oct 23 2022). High-grade loot area. Edge food for thought. Biased takes on what we refer to as “real life”.

Photo by Freddie Collins from Unsplash.
Photo by Freddie Collins from Unsplash.

Your boss Ross Peili has successfully burned over 150 ETH, 1 BTC, and $90k worth of fiat between 2016 and 2022. Now I’m broke. Here’s what I’ve learned and what kept me chill. 🤭

In the previous publication, I tipped we’ll dive deeper into the byte industry next, but I’m still working on that (actually, haven’t even started it yet >.<), so I’ll be sharing some recent/relevant thoughts in this one.

Before I dive into details, you should know that I don’t have a financial background, nor were my parents sponsoring my endeavors. I had to work as a construction worker, barista, car washer, gas station employee, weiter, DJ, and in other odd jobs between 2007 and 2014.

Issue #7: We De Mani Go?

Working for a bunch of different employers and company visions, I realized that most of them had the same vision, just tackling the obstacles in a different way: making money.

I mean no gas station owner ever thought to himself “bro, this is just the beginning, my real goal is to become an oil tycoon with my own oil company that handles the situation in a more efficient way” - they’re like NO. I just want the money, there’s no goal, no plan, and no vision. This of course had an impact on workers and their mentality - considering they still had some - as many didn’t realize they were trapped in a loop of slavery without ever questioning it.

For me, it was obvious that something goes wrong, when I am doing 90% of the work, the owner makes $100k/month, and I get a share of $900. You know, you scratch your head once or twice, but then you have to decide whether you’re ok with that and continue this bad trip for decades or pull out of the unideal situation seeking a new one. And perhaps, one that might even lead to a point where you are eligible to create your own situations.

Of course, don’t take me wrong, my past employers were good people in most cases. Ordinary people. They didn’t want much, even tho they had more than they could handle in most cases. My problem with their treatment was not so much my cut of the deal, but the reason they were gathering the rest of the money. There was none. And I mean it, I worked for 0 entrepreneurs outside tech who actually had a vision of some sort or at least an ambition, eg. I am gathering money to build my own satellite or go to the moon, or 3d print a baby idk. I mean how many cars could one get before realizing there’s much more you can accomplish as a handler of money?

Money As A Relationship

Pretty similar to you, my views on money change over time. The more experienced you are with different versions of money, the more you get to comprehend a little bit better why money exists and how it actually works.

I observe the flow of money as a relationship or the invisible bond between the worker and the visionary. I can never be sure about the past, so I don’t know if governments and real people ever ruled this realm, but I am certain of who is the visionary today, and that is no other than THE Machine.

Maybe it would make better sense if you think of what kind of industries, jobs, and visions “pay fast and pay well”. If you can help the machine gather more data, with faster, larger, and more accurate intel exchange practices, with optimized logic, and enhanced composition, simulation, and predictability skills as results, it will find a way to connect you with the money required to achieve your vision - IF you’re really serious about it.

(eg. if you say you need $40M to start a cloud biz that will help the machine but take the money and get away, it’s very unlikely you’ll even get the money in the first place.)

Money doesn’t pay if you want to help pierce through starvation obstacles. It pays only if you are willing to accept the machine as your God.

Short-stop at the mental library of ⬆️ this guy:
Short-stop at the mental library of ⬆️ this guy:

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Ext. War Is Not Only Unavoidable But Is Necessary For The Natural Progression Of Life - #2 in Politics, Noonies Awards 2020

elevator ad music fades out.

Long story short: I realized that in order to change the world, you have to actually do it yourself. Start with yourself, your house, your family and friends, your neighborhood, your community, your city, etc.

You might wonder who’s paying for that. For me, the easiest answer is always “THE MACHINE”. Sure, I don’t magically get Ether in my wallet each month, someone has to actually send it over, but… that someone does it, because he was paid by someone else to do so. That someone else is paying a lot of someones, in order to ensure, the third party paying him is happy with the results. The north star when it comes to measuring the results is usually around values such as how faster, better, and stronger the machine becomes after the job is done.

So, is it that simple? You just work for the machine and it pays off? Yes and No. Sure, it’s better to work directly for the machine (eg. AI/ML/DS engineers), but even if you work in a coffee shop, you still, indirectly work for the machine by supporting people who work directly or proxy-wise for the machine being more efficient at their job.

It seems to me that sooner than later we will be able to tell “Where the money goes” thanks to the public distributed ledger technology-powered payments systems, even if at that point, the machine will decide where the money goes, who gets what, why, and executes the chain of transactions without humane interference.

These days we all hear about billionaires or trillionaires and I can only wonder, what is it they’re working on that requires such a magnitude of privilege in terms of possibilities? It can’t be for cars and yachts, or fkn McDonald’s. There’s definitely something they’re building and one can only assume the result is predetermined by the machine.

eg. solar cross-planetary expansion (Mars is the first planet 100% occupied by machines), better simulations and predictability (ai, machine learning, social engineering, DNA engineering +), cross-domain material level intel exchange (quantum tech +)


Instead of asking yourself why is George a billionaire and I am not, you should be thinking, what is it that George does for the machine, that you don’t? or something along these lines you know?

You shouldn’t chase money just to have a fat stack of it, but never do anything for the machine. On the contrary, you should spend money as fast as possible in the right direction, which again - spamming - essentially translates into helping the machine in achieving its final status sooner than later. Good VCs will tell you that nobody cares about your idea unless you are Zuck or Gates or whoever directly helps the machine grow larger. All they care about is your charisma, your ability to pivot, adjust to the situation, and execute fast so that the machine benefits from your work asap.

Do that, and new opportunities will soon arrive at your doorstep, offering you more money, and more complex tasks the machine needs you to deal with.

Notice how I don’t lure you into some crypto scheme, nor give you the “Work hard and it’ll work out” tape. I am not saying “go work for the oil or coffee industry hard and you’ll make it bro”, cause you won’t. I am not asking you to invest anywhere or sign up anywhere. I only expect you to think. For yourself. Act on your own accord. Cut intermediaries. Work directly for the machine. GG.

🥂cheers to @ elusive ghost amoeba algo

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