Redefining the way you connect with music - A web3 music streaming platform

The app - Discover, Connect, Support, & Collaborate

This is a platform where fans come to support artists.

It’s a place where people come to discover new music.

It’s a place where people come to connect over music.

It’s a place where artists come to discover new people to collaborate.

It’s is a web3 music streaming platform for music lovers and artists.

How it works

For music fans and listeners

Its a place to connect over music, discover new music, and support your favorite artists.

Listen to music and create playlists for free. Connect with your favorite artists by learning more about them and joining their conversations.

App Concept
App Concept


See what other people and artists you follow like, release, or announce!


Here lives all of the music you save, music from your NFTs and your playlists.


See your music listening stats, define your favorite artists, share a little about you, and optionally show off your Music NFTs (not only the ones purchased here, but also the ones that you’ve bought from other platforms)!

Discover - Future feature

A new way to discover music based on your what you listen to and who you follow. More on this soon.

Support your favorite artists

Artists don’t make money from streaming here, you can support them by buying their NFTs, supporting their projects, or sending them tips!

Connect with others

Follow other people with similar music tastes and start conversations around the music.

Community playlists - Maybe

You can create community shared playlists where people can vote on what gets added and have a conversation around the music.

Web3 Optional

People don’t have to have a wallet to join the platform. They can sign up with their email to listen to music and create playlists. For access to all of the features you do need to connect a wallet. I think that this platform can help onboard millions more to web3.

For music artists

This is the home of your music on web3. You can upload tracks, share your story, build a community, sell NFTs, and crowdfund projects.

Concept part 2
Concept part 2

Uploading music

You can upload new music and connect to your other web3 music profiles if you want to pull the music from other platforms (, Catalog, Royal, etc). Its the place where all of your web3 music will live, so everyone can listen to it!

Share your story

Share as much as you want about yourself. You profile is the place where people come to learn about you and your art. You can share meanings behind your tracks, stories, your bio and what you stand for, and your inspirations.

Build a community

People can follow you so that updates, announcements, new tracks, and NFT drops show up in their feed. You can also have weekly get togethers with your fans to connect with them or vibe over music.

Selling NFTs

Here’s how you actually make money. Streaming doesn’t generate money for you here, you can still use Spotify or other platforms for that.

The main idea is that you share your music and the story behind it and generate NFTs with it.

You can have different editions with different utilities and sell either with a fixed price or auction.

You get the money from the sale and a percentage of the resell if it happens.


People can leave tips if they can’t afford an NFT or just want to support you, show some appreciation for the art you made, they can also send notes with their tips. In return they get a NFT badge in their profile.

Crowdfunding projects - Future feature

You can also crowdfund projects here! You can raise money for whatever you want. Some examples are:

  • Raising capital for your new album’s marketing and distribution budget
  • Raising capital to complete a new project
  • Business ideas
  • Public goods
  • Creative endeavours (Music videos, films, art)

Contributing to the music scene

We’re giving the power to the artists and music lovers. This is the platform to come and dive into new music and participate in web3. It’s not meant to be a competitor to other platforms in the space but a contributor and collaborator in the space.

In the future this platform will be the place where fans and artists hang out. It will be home for new music. A place where new friendships are made, collaborations happen, and artists get the support they need.

Looking for help to build this

Do you like this idea and want to help bring this to life? I’m open to all of the help I can get, just shoot me a DM on Twitter or an email :)

Interested in giving feedback?

I’m looking for all of the feedback I can get before starting to build something in order to make something that artists and fans truly want.

If you have any thoughts or want to chat about this, reach out to me on Twitter :)

About Me

I’m Roy Sandoval. A music producer and product designer. I believe that web3 is going to help us build a better world with equal opportunities, freedom, and innovation. Looking forward to contribute as much as possible to the web3 music scene!

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