NFTs for Freelancers

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago and I’m executing it as a project while learning how to create NFTs on buildspace.

The main concept

Sell design services through NFTs.


More control over payment and a new “membership“ type of design service for companies.

How it works

The idea I came up with is for my web design services. It can be tailored to any service you have and whatever benefits you feel comfortable delivering.

Web Design NFT

It’s an NFT with a special “membership type“ utility.

Whoever owns this NFT gets a full web design and Webflow development service with these benefits for one year:

  • Unlimited tweaks, like adding new sections or pages or updating imagery or copy.
  • Monthly check-in meetings (reviewing goal, web & marketing consultation, etc)
  • Technical support
  • Slack channel for quick communication with the freelancer

This is a simple idea but something that might be useful for many companies, especially early-stage startups since they’re in constant evolution.

It’s the freelancer’s job to set clear boundaries for the terms of engagement and what each benefit entails. This should be clearly communicated in some way before the person buys the NFT.

The 3-year idea

This idea is a bit more unique and I’m not sure if it’s viable but I think it’s worth sharing.

A design service NFT with a 3-year utility.

  • Web design with Webflow development service once a year, for 3 years. (Meaning that you can request a whole redesign or completely new website once a year)
  • On-going support and benefits as long as you have the token.

If you decide to transfer the token the benefits and remaining utility transfer to the new owner.

Dates of when new websites/redesigns can be requested are defined by the initial mint day. If you buy the token and a whole year passes without you using the benefits you’ll have a remainder of two years to still take advantage of your benefits.

If you transfer it to someone else and a year hasn’t passed since you requested your full service, they’ll have to wait until the defined date of renewal.

What do you think about this?

This is an idea and not a fully fleshed-out business plan but I think it can be an interesting way for freelancers to work. This can apply to almost any freelance service, from copywriting to marketing, branding, and design.

I’ll be sharing how I execute this as I progress with my learning journey of making NFTs.

Do you think this is a viable business model and something useful for you as a freelancer or company?

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